There is lot of misinformation going on the internet against the jio, One of them is getting more importance than any other rumor. The rumor was created by someone getting circulated over the internet very rapidly and the normal users who are not aware of few technical terminologies are getting scare because they may lose their mobiles phones according to the rumors. In another rumor the statement is like “using the IMEI the device will be locked”.

Well, very few of the jio users are aware that these all are rumors created some incompetent sales managers, service providers or some individuals. So, for the normal users we already posted some important stuff regarding jio. Still many of the users are confused with rumors, so few suggestions here.

  • Do not believe the rumor that “you can use any other sim after using JIO”
  • Even it is confirmed by JIO Care, that it is fake news
  • Few people knows that is totally fake news so stop spreading such news with scare
  • Reliance Jio GSM SIM is just like other SIM’s
  • JIO cant simply lock any device using IMEI number
  • Jio wont work on 3G or 2G device because it has purely LTE network, if you have doubt just change the LTE network type to 2G or 3G in network settings

Few more things about JIO

  • Do not purchase Jio Sims in block market, in future you may face serious problems
  • Recently, in many crimes SIM cloning methods were used, you might end up in such case if you buy the sim from unauthorized authorities
  • No need to pay even 1 rupee for the SIM, JIO is giving them Free
  • Speeds vary based on your locations and several other factors
  • Even if you convert the welcome offer to JIO preview offer by uninstalling apps soon you get the 4GB capping

Some People Showing Proofs that users cant use other SIM after using JIO

This case is totally misunderstanding and not aware of networks.

The thing that actually may happened like this, the users who claim that others sim are not working on the slot which they used the JIO is that “they forgot to change the network type” . We have to remember that we changed the network type LTE/4G while inserting the JIO sim on mobile because JIO only works on LTE. When they insert new GSM sim on that same slot they forgot to change the network type to their previous network type that might be 2G or 3G.

If any user want to replace JIO with any other GSM sim, just change the network type to their supporting networks, it works fine. Confirmation by few people who found confirm it(via quora).