Trump wants no Presidential salary

Donald Trump himself was not sure how much the President of the United States earned at all. “I think by law I have to assume a dollar, so I take a dollar a year,” he said in a television interview on Sunday night. “But it would be -.? I do not even know how much it would be Do you know how high the salary is”. He asked the moderator 400 000 dollars, she said. “No, I will not accept the salary,” Trump said. “I do not take it.” The billionaire had already announced during the election campaign that he does not want the money from the state.

He is not the first president of the United States , the waived his salary. John F. Kennedy, too, and Herbert Hoover did not take the president to wage, both very rich and donated the money to charities. Trump is richer than you, he is by far the richest man who will ever move into the White House. It looks as if he needed the 400 000. not dollar annual salary.

How rich he is exactly, however, is unclear. The future president has not published unlike his predecessor his tax returns and has a complex network of companies and real estate investments. Trump said during the campaign that he was more than ten billion dollars difficult. The magazine Forbes , specializing in rankings of the super rich, valued his fortune in September to 3,7 billion Dollar — 800 million dollars less than a year earlier.

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Originally published at on November 15, 2016.