10 Habits to Stop Taking Things Personally

“Sometimes, you need to unhear things mindfully what your ears have already heard”

Why are you pressing your hands against your ears? Is it to stop yourself from hearing something? Probably, those comments, opinions, judgments, criticisms.
 But those voices are in your mind! Everything does not revolve around you. Our involvement in something should be limited to the extent it does not become a mistreatment for us. You need to focus, learn and practice listening rather than hearing! The 10 habits which can help you to stop taking things personally originate from the reasons behind this behaviour:

10) If You Show you’re funny, be Ready to be Laughed at:

f you show you are funny, be ready to be laughed at

It is good to have a good sense of humour or be funny to keep things light. But, it is better to remember that a clown does not feel bad when others laugh at him. Similarly, when people laugh at YOU, normally, they are laughing at your jokes if you help them in showing off their brilliant smiles.:-) Don’t take that laughter personally!
 Bonus points if you can distinguish between laughter directed at you or at your jokes! :-P

09) Increase Your Sense of Humour:

Increase your sense of humour

Sometimes, it is good to ignore but not every time. Some people do have the habit of using their sense of humour (which sometimes make no sense) to execute personal attacks in a milder way. Fire back with your sense of humour!
 Whet it people!

08) Must have two filters — Water filter and Thought filter!

Your mind is the most beautiful place. Its humongous power of imagination makes it a manifestation of magic.
 We do pollute it by allowing in negativity and irrelevant criticism.
 Cut off what pollutes it! Do not spoil its purity and beauty by allowing it to succumb to people and their invalid thoughts.
 Filter what enters your mind. Caress it. Nourish it, it nourishes back.

07) Stop overthinking and start thinking!

Stop over thinking and start thinking!

Don’t you love your neurons? They toil for carrying your every single thought be it stupid or stupendous.
 Even if you allow some unwanted thoughts to enter your mind, why to distress your neurons as well as yourself by overthinking about those things or people who are not worthy of your attention?
 Remember to put down the shutter for the clutter! Focus on your goals and never think it’s too late, it is more rewarding!
 Moreover, the dogs bark but the caravan goes on! :P

06) Hey Original — Don’t Fake!

Be Original

Nobody has the power to bog you down by commenting or criticizing if you are confident in your skin.
 It is good to be secure in originality than insecure in unoriginality. Let go off those insecurities and consciousness.
 Only imperfections are perfect in this world, remember?
 Be you. Be beautiful.

05) No Comments — The Best Escape!

No comments best escape

This world works in revenge for revenge by revenge-sad but true!
 Do not be a part of this revenge race by taking revenge through words. Success is indeed the best revenge.
 No commenting on others can reduce the chances of comments by people on you. But, do feel free to share your opinions when asked for.

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04) Empathy — Essential for life!

Empathy - Essential for life!

People have perceptions, assumptions and opinions. They can judge even the unknown. It might be that what they say is what their perception tells them. A little greatness does lie in understanding what others feel and empathizing with them by clarifying things if necessary. Why to lose real well-wishers due to few words of criticism coming from their otherwise good hearts?

03) Know yourself!

Know Yourself

Everybody knows what their body is allergic to but it is also important to know what your mind and heart is allergic to. What strikes you, hurts you, bothers you are not bad questions to answer.
 Know them, know yourself and know peace !

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02) Reverse Your Psychology!

Reverse your psychology

Instead of asking — Why did you say so?
 Ask — What made you say so?
 Reason out in the right manner to simplify. Clear misunderstandings until their burden becomes a regret. They are not curses.
 Cure your psychology!

01) Do you really think you are the Center of Universe? NO !

Nobody is too free to always comment upon you. It is a sheer truth that you are judged every second but not as you always. You play different roles. You work as a team. Nothing of such sort defines you as an individual. It is not necessary that the criticism for the entire team was directed at you. You and your work should not interfere with their lines of freedom in an unfair way.

Don’t attract too much attention by taking things personally that things becomes difficult to handle.
 Create space between you and your reactions.

“Extremities are dangerous and so is taking everything personally.”

Beware and be happy !

Featured image credits: David Crank

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