4 TV Series You Can’t Even Think to Miss This Year

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You might have seen a lot of TV series, but if you have missed the following or any one of them. Go watch it now.

1. Daredevil (since 2015)

daredevil series

Background — The story basically details the Marvel universe by Netflix which is taken from the marvel comic Daredevil. It revolves around the character Matt Murdock who is a lawyer in the day and a vigilante by the night. He lost his sight in his childhood due to an accident which in turn left him with heightened senses. Although he practices law, in the night he takes the same law in his hands to punish the criminals earning him the name Daredevil in the streets of New York.

Why we like it — This story although has a very few main characters — one hero, one side kick, few enemies, one lady love etc. This is the exact reason why you will feel very connected to the characters. Moreover, the story-line though being fictional will make you want to believe it, the very way in which he fights his enemies makes sense that it’s not some fairy dust trick, after fighting a group of criminals all by himself he almost goes into coma, the very essence of realism in this series will make you want to binge watch it. The very fact that even after several stitches all over his body, he wear his bad-ass looking suit and does not stop fighting; oh! and the way he fights them, you are sure to fall in love with him.

8.8/10 — IMDb

2. Game of Thrones (since 2011)


Background — A fantasy drama based on the books of George R.R. Martin — A song of ice and fire. Set in the medieval times of the continents of Westros and Esoss. The story-line is of the war (more like wars) between the claimants of the Seven Kingdoms for throne (Iron Throne) to gain power. It shows the conspiracies and the strategies used by these noble families to gain something for which they are ready to do whatever it takes. At the same time, there’s a threat awaiting in the winter which perhaps wants much more than the throne.

Why we love it — The amount of plot twists in the will not let you stop watching it. The end of every episode will have something to shock you. In fact the series is so unpredictable that you won’t know what to expect, this the only the series where perhaps you can never be sure of who the main character is, and it’s not because of the number of characters in it, but the fact that even the most powerful man in the series can end up dead. That is how unpredictable this series is! No two characters have the same motive or even ideals. Each character is unique — you have a dwarf which wins a battle just by his knowledge, you have a queen who burns down a city just for the hatred towards one man , you have a — wait!

I’m not giving anymore spoilers.

9.5/10 — IMDb

3. Suits (since 2011)

Suits USA

Background — Mike Ross is a very talented young man who can memorize anything he reads. The only problem being he is broke, due to which he gets into selling drugs under the influence of his friend Trevor. During one of his deliveries he comes across the infamous lawyer Harvey Specter who hires him to practice law with him. The story revolves around how they solve different cases while dealing with their own problems — the major one being that keeping the secret that Mike Ross never graduated from not just any Law University but, any university.

Why we love it — The very way in which Harvey Specter plays his enemies to get what he apparently always gets is entertaining. All the obstacles he overcomes and not to forget his bad-ass attitude with which he solves them. Mike Ross is although influenced by Harvey and acts like him but with more compassion towards his clients and that makes him different. Another character is Louis Litt and he’s pretty much the most entertaining character you would come across in the series because right from the unique way he trains his associates to the way he won’t let anyone tough his bars and by far a very versatile character in the series. He is not all loyal like Harvey to his partners, at the same time he’s picky but can be fun if he wants to and it’s not very often that we come across such a character.

8.5/10 — IMDb

4. Stranger Things (since 2016)

Stranger things
Stranger things

Background — Again a Netflix-original drama, the series is supernatural horror-since fiction. Set in the 1980’s in a small town called Indiana, a 12-year-old boy Will disappears into thin air, as the mother, his best friend and police searches for answers they come across myriads of mysteries regarding government experiments and a girl with telekinetic powers who states to know the whereabouts of the boy. As they unravel the mysteries which the government agency tries to cover up, a dark force awaits, lurking in the underneath.

Why we love it — With just one season out, the duffers have already got us hooked to it. The series takes us back to the 1980’s. The series borrows from the best and is a perfect mix of E.T. , X-Files and other supernatural shows and makes a prefect blend. It keeps us on the edge, it starts off good and is pretty fast. Unlike Daredevil and Game of Thrones, it does not take nor does it need 3–4 episodes to build up the story. Right in the first episode the child gets kidnapped the mystery girl appears and a scientist is attacked by an unknown , unseen creature. So you see, right from the first episode you will become known to the story and you will be glued to it. The series has a couple of scares and an aura creepiness so that is another plus-point for horror movie lovers.

9.1/10 — IMDb

Go check out these serials, give your feedback and comment your suggestions.

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