Trendit Airdrop and Contest (10 ETH Giveaway!)

Trendit Airdrop and Contest (10 ETH Giveaway!)

Trendit has reached 400 followers on Twitter, 200 subscribers on our announcements channel, 180+ members on our general telegram chat. We have reached more than 20,000 daily website requests with more than 500 subscribers for early access!

To celebrate and reward the increasing number of Trendit community members, Trendit has decided to do airdrops every week until ICO start date. Along with airdrops, there will be a chance for select members chosen randomly to win awards of 0.4 ETH (In Trend Tokens) each.

To be eligible for the airdrops and giveaways, fill out…

Hi Everyone,

We have a big update for our Trendit followers today. Looking at our current progress and awareness, we feel we have the potential to build a much bigger community. A big community is essential in order for our public funding round to be successful. Therefore, in order to meet these goals we have formed a partnership with Bounty0x. Bounty0x is a company that specializes in creating bounty campaigns to maximize project awareness.

In order for Bounty0x to help build and develop our Trendit community we will need to give them more time then our originally planned ICO date…

Our Motivation

Social media has become an integral part of our day to day lives. A lot of time and effort is spent by people to keep up with the latest social activities. However, average users don’t get rewarded for their contributions to the social space in many existing platforms.

⦁ A big chunk of our time is utilized for curating our social platform profiles and consuming latest social activities.

⦁ No reward is given to the users who are an integral component of the social space.

⦁ The potential for social media users to earn rewards has not been exploited.



A Rewarding Platform for Viral Content!

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