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Great article as always Kevin O'Connor. Everyone seems to be picking the Rockets to beat the Spurs, but I just don’t buy it. Sure, the Spurs didn’t look like world beaters against the Grizzlies, but Memphis will make most teams look pedestrian due to the grit-n-grind nature in their style of play. The NBA is all about matchups, and I believe Houston could be in a lot of trouble in this series. Lamarcus Aldridge loves playing against the Rockets. He’s been a nightmare for Houston, dating all the way back to when Aldridge was in Portland. I don’t expect Lamarcus to average 40 PPG against the Rockets, but I think he could easily average 28, and have a few games where he gets to 35. And when Lamarcus is involved on offense, his rebounding and defense improve tremendously. Bold prediction: Spurs in 5.

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