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Here is the recent draft history of the Kings:

2012: Drafted Thomas Robinson — could have drafted Damian Lillard

2013: Drafted Ben McLemore — could have drafted CJ McCollum or KCP

2014: Drafted Nik Stauskas — could have drafted Zach Lavine

2015: Drafted Willie Cauley-Stein — could have drafted Myles Turner/Devin Booker/Justice Winslow

At this point, the only asset the Kings have is Boogie and they have no choice but to offer him the max and hope he accepts. The last four drafts (5 if you include 2016) have been complete misses. Even David Kahn (KAHN!!!) would laugh at some of these picks. If I’m Boogie, I’m entertaining offers from other teams this offseason, even though the Kings can offer the most money. Because the Kings have missed so badly in the draft, they are stuck offering short-term contracts to players no one else wants (Rondo, Lawson, Gay, etc). You can’t build a winning culture when you are consistently recycling through players on 1–2 year deals. The Kings needed to hit on their draft picks and never did. They won’t contend until they blow it all up (including the front office).

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