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Kevin O'Connor You are quickly becoming one of my favorite basketball writers! Bill needs to put you on The Ringer’s NBA Pod ASAP.

Though Ingram has a similar basketball frame to KD, I don’t think Ingram will ever be the all around scorer that Durant is. As a Lakers fan, I am a bit worried that most people are expecting a KD-like career from Ingram, because I just don’t see it. For one, Ingram’s release point on his shot is a bit weird and it isn’t very quick which makes it hard for him to truly create his own shot on a consistent basis. Also, if you look back to their college stats, KD went to the line almost 100 more times than Ingram did at Duke. In my opinion, Ingram will have a career which is more comparable to that of Rashard Lewis than that of Kevin Durant. Lewis came into the league as a skinny 6–10 small forward who could stretch the floor and get hot at a moment’s notice. And when you think about the way the NBA game is played today, a Rashard Lewis type of player could be a multiple time All-Star and probably the 2nd or 3rd best player on a championship team. My guess is Ingram will be a much better defensive player that Lewis was (which makes Ingram more valuable), but these KD comparisons need to stop.

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