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The VMA’s are turning into the NBA’s Slam Dunk contest. All of the big names have nothing to gain from participating. So, we are stuck watching Nate Robinson edge out Jamario Moon and Jeremy Evans in the dunk contest, instead of LeBron going head-to-head against Blake Griffin every year. Performers like Adele, Taylor, Bruno, and Katy rely so heavily on the revenue from their tours, that it would be pointless for them to give consumers a free show on the VMA’s. These artists are slowly pulling themselves away from MTV, and aligning themselves with Apple, Spotify, and YouTube (as they should). The reason why Beyonce and Kanye still make appearances on the VMA’s is because both of them made a huge mistake aligning themselves with Tidal and alienating the majority of music fans around the world. MTV needs to realize that they are now a network committed to reality TV and Rob Dyrdek’s bank account…not a network for music.

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