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How about Cyborg? Low budget action, over-the-top bad guy and poor acting. Plus, it was made solely because Cannon Films was desperate to recoup some of the $4 million it had spent on canceled Spider-Man and Masters of the Universe 2 projects, so it developed a movie around those existing sets and costumes.

What do you get? 1989 Van Damme; post-apocalyptic chain mail; a cool gun; a flashback scene used about seven times in order to beef up the run time; a climactic fight in the rain; a creepy gang of bad guys traveling the coast on a mini barge; a chase sequence that starts in the ruins of a building complex, continues through a sewer and then a marsh, and ends with a crucifixion; main characters named named Gibson Rickenbacker and Fender Tremolo; lots of knives and some absurd dialogue delivery. It’s fantastic.

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