Arrogant U.S. Generals Made the P-51 Mustang a Necessity
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I’m flattered that you think so well of my “Deconstructing the P-51 Mustang Historical Narrative” post.

However, it is only part of the story of Hap Arnold and the “Heavy Bomber Mafia” screwing up by the numbers with the assistance of General’s Stilwell and Marshall.

Please see the following —

Claire Lee Chennault — SECRET AGENT MAN!

Posted by Trent Telenko on December 20th, 2013

It has the story of Captain Claire Chennault’s 1933 Ft. Knox air Defense Observer Network. A network that was so successful in catching bombardment formations that Chennault was black balled by the “Bomber Mafia” of two Air Chiefs of Staff. This network was the basis of a human intelligence network Chennault formed in China despite orders forbidding such a service by China-Burma-India senior US commander General Stilwell.