Word War I: The Battle Against Facts (Pt. 2)

6:38 PM

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Days into presidency: 7

WARNING: The first bit of this post is a personal explanation of my political thoughts and opinions involving socialism vs. communism and what I think of the argument against socialized medicine and education. If this does not interest you, the talking points about President Trump begin in the second paragraph.

As Donald Trump’s first week in the Oval Office comes to a close, I find myself with a laundry list of topics I want to talk about some may make it into the ramblings, some may not. Only time will tell. Before I begin with today’s talking points, I want to give a clearer look into my own political leanings. In the previous posting I described myself as a socialist. Something that I feel can be vague for many people. A nebulous cloud of ideals that look like communism wearing a bed sheet over its head and promising it isn’t communism. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In Communism the state controls many facets of daily life. From internet service providers to cell phone carriers to hospitals to schools to police departments. In socialism the state controls things like hospitals to schools to fire departments…okay so they’re a little similar. Just a little. One thing that does separate them is that in a communist country (like China, where I lived for 3 years) the state literally controls almost everything. From the time you are born in a state owned hospital to the time you are cremated in one. You go to a state controlled elementary school, middle school, and high school. All the while taking state approved standardized tests until the big one. The 高考 (gaokao). Short for 高等学校招生全国统一考试 (standardized college entrance examination). This sounds a lot like the SATs and ACT entrance exams we have here in the states, and it is. Baring one little tiny incie wincie miniscule difference. The gaokao also chooses your major. You scored a 400? You get to go to this school and this school only. Oh and it also so happens that all of the programs in this school involve teaching children. Hope you like kids. The state also controls your internet service provider. You aren’t getting the advertised connection speeds you pay for? Well sorry, but only one of our four ISPs are availible in your area. Gotta keep everything spread out so one doesn’t become too rich or wield too much influence. Now that is what I experienced in China, a self-proclaimed communist country…but not. They call it something to the tune of Communism with socialist characteristics. The following are a list, in no particular order, of country’s that don’t have to deal with these issues: The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Northern Ireland, Poland, Japan, and the United States. Now this list was created to beguile some. These countries also have another thing in common along with countless more. They all have socialist policies to some extent. All of them. All of them except the U.S.A. even have socialized education and healthcare. Something else? None of them have led to communism, none of them are controlled by an authoritarian regime, none of them are crumbling at the very foundation. So I can’t understand the phrase, “Well, it can’t work for us.” There are only two reasons that an individual can possibly defend against these policies without devolving the conversation into a gigantic farce filled with misinformation. The first is that you were raised in a setting where you never had to face the unjust treatment that many people face when they have to sell themselves as a product to a privatized, for-profit insurance company and/or were privileged enough to be gifted with enhanced brawn and prowess to receive a sport’s scholarship, or intellect or a wealthy or even financially smart family so you received an academic scholarship and didn’t have to face down the horror of student debt loans in an economy with stale wages and soaring education costs. The second reason is that you’re selfish. You are too selfish to share wealth that you feel like is yours and that nobody should take it from you. You feel that everyone has to earn there own and that’s just the way it is. Like it or not, that is being selfish. That’s all I have on this for now so onward to Mr. Trump.

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My my sir what big executive actions you have. The better to make money from you, my dear. Okay so maybe that’s not fair. Only time will tell what exactly is going to change in our lives from these actions. Surely some people will feel the effects much more intensely than others. But Let’s get to em. Mr. Trump is thought to be behind the gag order placed on the EPA and National Park Service this week. A move that is widely being viewed as a way to hamper them from spreading information on climate change. Ah climate change. That elusive thing that we never seem to find neither enough evidence for nor against. The same issue plagues evolution. Funny how gravity doesn’t have this problem. The strangest thing to me is that I haven’t seen or read anybody pointing out how anti-climate change rhetoric has changed so momentously in only about the last five to eight years. You can still go back and look at all climate deniers shouting about how it doesn’t exist and it is made up. I seem to remember hearing something about our president once saying it was a hoax made up by the Chinese. Whether or not that’s something he actually said, it rings with what I used to hear. Not so much any more. Now its more that humans aren’t causing it. Its out there, but its happening because of something else. I wonder in another ten years time it will be that we caused it but climate deniers were really, really sorry about it. Out of every scientific paper published involving climate change over the last few years, something like above 90% of them were saying its real and we are the reason its happening. The fact that the scientific community is near consensus on the matter yet its still is so hotly debated politically is telling. Telling that members of our appointed and elected government have some reason to argue against science. $ome rea$on that we ju$t aren’t getting. One thing that is truly miraculous is that the EPA, NASA, and the National Park Service are technically in open rebellion because they refuse to have knowledge of something so crucial to our survival as a species and be told they can’t tell people. Mr. Trump also signed an executive order banning government funding to overseas entities that fund or promote abortions. While I view that as particularly heinous, it is also mildly calming as it is something that every republican president since Reagan has done when they come into office and every democrat undoes. Its a cyclical event that at least makes me feel like my country isn’t in bizzaro world because that’s something that republicans just do. Alright. I’ve been dodging it this whole time. The big one. President Trump has announced new measures to “keep radical Islamic terrorists out.” Now he also highlighted seven countries that he would tighten entry requirements for: Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and Iran. Something of EXTREME importance to note is that, according to a study done by the Cato Institute, the number of American deaths due to terrorist attacks committed on US soil caused by people from these countries from 1975 to 2015 was a staggering…zero. No deaths from terrorist attacks from people of these countries yet these are the countries he chose to highlight in his mission to “keep radical Islamic terrorists out.” That, is what is wrong with this. Oh and a complete halt on Syrian refugees which acts as a perfect pivot into my next point. In the days since the women’s march I have seen many people on my Facebook speak about the fact the feel like they have all rights and they’re equal and several even pointing out the atrocities that happen to some women in foreign nations as reason to celebrate what they have, not protest a perceived lack of rights. Yet now, as our president shuts our doors to these people women were just saying truly needed help and had no rights, I see nobody speaking. Nobody fighting for them. Even the ones who so selfishly used them as a way to put down others for there own satisfaction.

Torture works. I can torture my mother and have her admit she was born a man. Or that she’s a Russian spy sent to America in 2005 to begin a covert mission. That’s the problem. Torture will give you whatever you want from somebody. No matter how true it is. You can cause enough pain to make people confess to things that you know they didn’t do. It is a tactic used by the scared or weak. People scared that failure to find information will cause the ruination of there lives. People to weak to overcome an opponent through any other mean. The president has stated that he believes we have to fight fire with fire. Something nobody seems to have said is that this line of thinking would leave the whole world scorched to cinders. Now he also said that if that if Defense Secretary James Mattis and CIA director Mike Pompeo were against torturing suspects, then it wouldn’t happen. It appears he’s doing this because he doesn’t know what to do. Why else would somebody spout there own opinion during an interview only to say later that his would not be the deciding opinion? To pander to his supporters? To gauge public reaction? If to to gauge public reaction, why? In order to change his stance later? We already have an instance of a celebrity politician doing just that. Arnold Schwarzenegger famously flip flopped in the waning days of his gubernatorial tenure. Is it because he just, “tells it like it is”? If so, that’s undiplomatic and won’t be making any friends soon. And only a fool thinks he can run one of the most powerful nations in the world without friends.

And finally for today we have the fact that Mr. Trump still claims millions of fake votes were cast against him. A sore winner is something nobody can tolerate. He won, and I truly hope he does an amazing job. Because I love my country. I hope he does well and we all prosper without harming others. To sit and point fingers as to why you didn’t win in the style you hoped you would, to create a spectacle usually reserved for trashy daytime reality television, all in the name of being able to say, “I told you so!” is childish. Not only childish but irresponsible. If he were to investigate his, as of the time of writing, completely unfounded claims. Who do you think pays for it? Taxpayers. There is a very real chance our president may use our money that could literally be put towards anything, to give a big proverbial middle finger to anyone who reminds him that as of now, he lost the popular vote. Mr. President, you are running our country with all of our lives in your hands, not for prom king.