Trent Lapinski
Jan 1 · 2 min read

Appreciate all the info, but unfortunately all of these suggestions rely on the medical system to be able to provide the care I need, which it won’t.

Paying for one of those monthly doctor plans won’t help because those doctors don’t know how to treat Lyme disease. The current medical system refuses to properly educate MDs on how to treat this disease beyond a few weeks of antibiotics.

None of my Lyme literate doctors right now take insurance, or health care savings plans. None of my treatments are recognized as medical care because according to Western medicine and the CDC my disease does not exist despite the hundreds of medical research studies and my own blood test proving it does.

Unfortunately due to the nature of how our medical system operates and the conspiracy surrounding Lyme disease traditional MDs are useless, and any kind of insurance is useless including health savings accounts. Any doctor who has any experience treating Lyme disease and co-infections pretty much can’t accept insurance or they risk being prosecuted and having their medical licenses taken away. Many doctors have had their licenses restricted or taken away for treating people for chronic Lyme disease.

As long as the CDC continues to promote scientifically false diagnostic criteria and refuses to recognize the 80% of Lyme disease cases they currently refuse to acknowledge then there is nothing the medical system can do for me. I have to operate completely outside the system if there’s any hope for a cure, and find alternatives to treating what is ultimately an antibiotic resistant infection.

I’ve personally been on antibiotics more times then I can count. They arguably did save my life, especially when I first got sick when I was a child, but at best they can put this condition into remission.

I need treatments like oxygen chamber treatments, plasma EMF therapy, UV IV therapy or stem cells if I’m ever going to be cured of this and once I figure out how to cure myself I then need to cure my girlfriend. Her and I are already on a broad spectrum antimicrobial and may have to stay on it for the indefinite future until we can find something eliminates Lyme’s persister cells and wipe out any additional co-infections.

Even once the infection is completely wiped out there is then the process of healing and trying to undue or manage the damage the disease caused.

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