brilliant Trent!
JM Gauthier

Bootstrapping my last startup to $1 million in revenue then selling it really woke me up to just how rigged the system is. I’m glad other entrepreneurs like yourself also recognize that.

As for Bernie, didn’t fall for anything, merely considered him to be a lesser of evils. I am just as much a libertarian and independent and did not believe in socializing as many things as Bernie suggested. However, I knew we could have leveraged congress to enforce a fair balance to counter some of his more extreme political views. Compared to Hillary, Bernie was a walk in the park.

Personally I am open to exploring new possibilities and new approaches for building better systems that serve the public rather than hinder them as they currently do.

For example, I am open to exploring a hybrid socialist medical care system that also has a free market option. Then you get the best of both worlds. I’m also for forgiving most student loan debt, and making at least the first two years of college free although I think most of the free programs should be focused on specific trades resulting in actual skilled workers so people can easily transition into jobs and the economy.

Unfortunately Bernie rolled over to the Clinton campaign, and I lost some respect for him. But I never worshipped him like some Berniecrats. I merely saw him as a better option than Hillary. Bernie would have been able to do some considerable good to help give the Millennial’s a chance, and provide some kind of future for Gen Z.

Trump will hopefully still be beneficial to restoring the workforce, rebalancing the economy, bring back manufacturing, and reducing the tax burden. However, we still don’t know his plans on health care, student debt, and colleges which would benefit the younger generations the most.

It is going to take years to unwind globalisms effects as well, and many people are going to kick and scream through the process not really understanding the situation. It’s still too early to say if Trump’s approach is right vs. wrong but I’m still glad we didn’t continue down the path of corrupt globalization that would have happened under Hillary Clinton.