Dear Silicon Valley, Please Help Secure and Automate The Cloud

Everything is getting hacked.

Trent Lapinski
Dec 7, 2016 · 6 min read
We can deploy, automate, and secure any tech stack on any cloud provider.

I just want to make my intention clear that I am trying to raise awareness for Stratus5 Cloudware, a startup that can solve many cyber security issues and help automate the cloud for startups and enterprise.

We are currently in the process of raising a round of funding to give us the resources we need to make enterprise level partnerships a reality, further develop our products, and add additional cyber security enhancements and integrations. You can contact me: trent at stratus5 dot com.

In the past several years, everyone from Sony, the IRS, the Clinton campaign, and pretty much the entire health care industry have been hacked. Even key infrastructure like power plants have had been exposed by foreign agents. All of our photos, videos, documents, taxes, and health data are all stored on someone else's super computer in the cloud. Meanwhile, all the services we consume such as electricity, the Internet itself, water, transportation, airports, banks, and health care systems are all managed through various antiquated computer systems and mostly non-cloud enabled software. All of that data and all of these services are at risk, or have already been compromised. With the advent of IoT (Internet of Things) devices at our doorstep it is even more critical to secure our networks.

The technology now exists to secure our data, applications, and cloud networks.

Who I am, and what I’ve been working on for the past two years:

These are just some examples of applications and tech stacks we can deploy, automate, and secure.

People keep asking me what I am working on. It is highly technical, so I will try my best to tell my story. I believe the technology I’m working on has the potential to revolutionize how software companies manage their applications, automate their businesses, and create ongoing value for their customers while securing their data.

For those of you who do not know me, let me introduce myself.

My name is Trent Lapinski, and I am a 30-year old former startup CEO and entrepreneur. I was actually born in San Francisco, and was raised across the bay in Marin County. I am the son of Tom Lapinski, the producer and director of the Bay Area Music Awards during the 80’s and 90’s, and the producer of the Mountain Winery summer series during the 80’s and 90’s, and grew up backstage with the likes of B.B. King and Carlos Santana.

I have been working in the tech industry since I was 14-years old, when I started an Apple news and rumor website called Apple-X. I monetized the website through ads, managed up to 8 different writers from around the world, spent 5-years reviewing products, and even live blogged a Steve Jobs keynote at a time when most people thought Apple was a dead or dying.

I tested out of high school at 16, went to college early, then dropped out a couple years later after I got a job offer with two of the original founders of Myspace. After learning all I could from them at their new startup, I eventually moved on to Playboy, Inc. where I was running high profile social media accounts, and managing dozens of Internet properties. After being laid off in 2008, I pivoted into the medical research industry, and ran Internet marketing for a medical research firm before founding my own Internet startup CyberChimps.

Shortly after bootstrapping CyberChimps to $1 million in revenue, I sold the company for a successful exit, and started working with a brilliant CEO and former VMware / IBM executive on an Irish / Silicon Valley based startup called Stratus5.

Stratus5 started with the original goal of automating the deployment of commonly used applications, but eventually evolved into a mature and production ready developer operations toolkit for cloud deployments, server management, container management, business service automation, and cyber security. The platform has already deployed over a million containers into production with a wide variety of applications, and cloud providers.

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside our genius CTO, and our lead investor who is the former CTO of JPMorgan Chase. As well as having an amazing software engineering and developer operations team. Together, we’ve created one of the most secure cloud server management and container automation solutions with an emphasis on business service automation and cyber security.

We are able to take any application and tech stack, and automate deployment of that application in the cloud on any major cloud provider while securing and isolating data on a per customer basis. Stratus5 also automates customer management, subscription billing, 1-click trials to customers, and provides robust business analytics.

The Technology

Containers, such as Docker, wrap a piece of software as a complete system that contains everything it needs to operate without the need to change a single line of application code.

Leveraging container technology, including Docker (as well as LXC and other container types), Stratus5 is able to optimize any application in the cloud without the need for a fully functional virtual machine for each application. Instead, containers only include the libraries they need for an application to run and nothing else. This way the software developer can significantly reduce digital overhead. By using a more cellular approach to application deployment and management each application scales more effectively while still using APIs to keep everything connected.

What this means is developers do not need to change a single line of code to deploy their application into the cloud using the Stratus5 solution. Any software developer can take their existing application, and enable it for cloud deployment, automation, and security today.

This is not vaporware and has already been battle tested for enterprise use.

The Value Proposition

Container technology is unique in that it solves a number of problems for any software business including improved cost efficiency, data isolation, improved data portability, and versatility.

Why software companies are using Docker?

This is why major companies from around the World are all using Docker and other container technology internally for software development.

Companies that currently use Docker for software development.

Why software companies need Stratus5

Stratus5 automates most of the processes required to manage Docker containers and cloud servers, as well as including additional business service automation for software as a service companies.

From a cyber security perspective, Stratus5 offers a wide range of encryption options, secure networking, and is integrated with a military grade autonomic cyber security system developed by a University Professor funded by the US military.

Automated, Secure & Integrated

Stratus5 solves the problem for software developers of whether they need to “build” or “buy” their own solution for cloud deployments, automation, and cyber security.

Stratus5 is easily 3-years ahead of the competition.

How You Can Help

I believe Stratus5 is our best shot at securing our data today, and automating our businesses into the future. We need to assemble the best talent from around the world to secure our digital borders.

We are currently looking to raise a round of venture capital, as well as seek new partnerships with enterprise companies and startups looking to start using our solution now.

You can find more information at, as well as signup for a free account to start playing with our software immediately.

I personally can be reached at trent at stratus5 dot com, and can send more information upon request.

Thank you for reading, I look forward to working with you.

-Trent Lapinski

Trent Lapinski

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Hacker. Technologist. Podcaster: Lyme Disease Warrior. Yogi. Journalist:

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