Did BuzzFeed Publish Donald Trump Fanfiction As Real News?

Hey BuzzFeed, this isn’t how WikiLeaks works.

According to Internet rumors, someone gave a Donald Trump report from November 1st, 2016 to Rick Wilson, an anti-Trump GOP consultant. He then passed it to Evan McMullin, an ex-intelligence official, who then passed it to Senator John McCain. McCain then gave it to US intelligence agencies who then leaked it to the mainstream media including CNN and BuzzFeed.

Although CNN did not publish the report as they were unable to verify the claims in the report, they still reported on the content of the report. The report includes wild allegations that the Russians were blackmailing President Elect Donald Trump with surveillance footage of him paying Russian sex workers to urinate on a bed President Obama once slept in.

BuzzFeed also got their hands on the report, decided they were the new WikiLeaks, and published the report in full. Only it turns out it wasn’t a leak, but instead contained Donald Trump fanfiction that was posted on 4chan, an anonymous web forum.

Apparently, Ken Bensigner, Miriam Elder, and Mark Schoofs of BuzzFeed cannot tell the difference between Donald Trump fanfiction from 4chan, and an actual intelligence report from a government agent. If you read the report it is clearly not written by an intelligence official.

According to various sources, the report not only contains fanfiction, but is completely fake, and inaccurate.

Meanwhile, Trump himself responded on Twitter:

It appears the mainstream media just reported fake news.

The hashtag #goldenshowers is currently trending on Twitter right now in reference to this story, and it appears as if Correct The Record or another affiliated group has infiltrated several subreddits on Reddit including r/conspiracy. They appear to be silencing anyone who mentions 4chan, and instead promote anti-Trump sentiment and propaganda.

While this is ultimately kind of hilarious, and possibly one of the best trolls of all time, the reality is also somewhat sad and distributing. People who actually call themselves journalists published information they knew was factually incorrect, and distributed it to the entire planet without proof anyway. Meanwhile, ex-intelligence officials and senators were potentially involved and contributed.

Every reporter involved with this article should be fired, and if Correct The Record is responsible for promoting this fake news story it needs to be shut down, again.