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Nov 3, 2016 · 3 min read

Eric Schmidt’s leaked e-mails are facts, not conspiracies. Eric Schmidt secretly invested in a startup that is now powering the Clinton campaign, and was advising the campaign without publicly disclosing his involvement while still the active chairman of one of the largest corporations in the country.

Collusion can refer to a “deceitful” or “secret” purpose, and does not necessarily imply illegal conduct. Had Eric Schmidt conducted himself in a manor that was not in the shadows, I would not have used that word. However, since he had to be exposed via Wikileaks I believe the word “collusion” fits this situation perfectly despite him not breaking the law. He was clearly operating in a significant capacity for the Clinton campaign without disclosing his involvement publicly.

Let me put it this way, had this situation been reversed, and yesterday had it been revealed by Wikileaks that Peter Thiel privately funded a startup to get Donald Trump elected, and potentially used his connections at Facebook to influence the election that would have made national headlines. However, when Eric Schmidt does the exact same thing and potentially uses his connections at Google, no one bats an eyelash. That right there is a double-standard irrespective of the political candidate they are backing. This is also a perfect example of Clinton’s corporate cronyism.

While Silicon Valley is worried about bullshit metrics of inclusion, the actual roots of inequality stem from corporate cronyism and corruption. Corruption is what enabled inequality in the first place. You cannot keep a corrupt system and government in power and solve inequality at the same time. Corruption and equality are simply incompatible. This is another illogical fallacy of Silicon Valley bubble thinking. The only reason most of Silicon Valley is supporting Clinton has everything to do with their profit margins, and has very little to do with anything else.

Lets not forget, 53% of the country believes Hillary Clinton should be indicted for mishandling classified information, and even the FBI has reopened their investigation. Donald Trump by comparison is simply an asshole. Even if Clinton wins the election and takes office she will likely be impeached, if she even makes it that far. She may be arrested before she can take office, and if she isn’t there might be civil unrest.

Outside the Silicon Valley bubble, Hillary Clinton is viewed as worse than Trump by possibly 40-50%+ of the American population despite what Silicon Valley leaders think. Again, I do not support Trump, but I do not support Hillary either. I believe she broke the law, and put our national security at risk.

With that said, the intention for my article was actually to get people to pay attention to what just leaked via Wikileaks, focus on the facts revealed in the leaks, and to question Eric Schmidt’s secret involvement in a political campaign while still being an active chairman of Alphabet, Inc. I was merely using the Peter Thiel comparison as political commentary to point out the hypocrisy of the situation.

I probably could have gotten more reads had I just titled this, “Wikileaks Exposes Eric Schmidt’s Collusion with the Clinton Campaign” and dropped the Peter Thiel comparison from the article entirely. However, that wouldn’t have been political commentary, or pointed out the hypocrisy of the situation—although it probably would have done a better job of bringing attention to Wikileaks.

I do not believe all of Silicon Valley is trying to secretly get Hillary Clinton elected. I’m firmly aware of the fact that most of her supporters have been very public with their support. However, Eric Schmidt did not operate publicly. Let’s also not forget, this isn’t the first time Eric Schmidt has been accused of political collusion. Julian Assange has written about Eric Schmidt and Google before, and these leaks give what he wrote a renewed sense of credibility. Google is playing a role in influencing this election, whether it is through direct algorithm modification by Google, or supporters of either campaign using SEO tactics to manipulate results, their influence is undeniable.

Lastly, there is no argument on why Silicon Valley is backing Hillary over Trump. It is fairly obvious that her corporate policies benefit Silicon Valley. However, that does not mean the rest of the country wants to be socially engineered to see the world only from Silicon Valley’s perspective.

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