Free Speech Is Dead, What Are We Going To Do About It?

Free Speech, Not Safe Spaces.

Trent Lapinski
May 3, 2019 · 4 min read

Social justice is founded on the principles of freedom, liberty, and equality for everyone. Without free speech, there is no social justice.

As a journalist I am horrified by recent events. As I write this Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning sit in jail for the act of journalism and whistleblowing. Meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram just banned several conservative journalists and commentators who did not violate their terms of service.

Although politically I am personally more towards the center-left (I am libertarian with progressive values), as a journalist I understand why censorship is the first major sign of tyranny, and leads to further extremism and social unrest. It is literally the ethical duty of a journalist to cover both sides of a story, but yet in today’s culture the very act of speaking to someone others in positions of power disagree with is enough for you to be deplatformed, censored, lose your job, lose access to banking, and ultimately be unpersoned. These “Safe Space” extremists are now using social media and the banking system to target and harass American citizens for their right to exist in modern society. This is worse than China’s social credit score system, because at least in China they tell you what your score is.

Believing in free speech means believing in freedom, liberty, and real social justice. It is not a left or right issue, it is a right for all Americans. This includes the right to free speech for disenfranchised and marginalized groups from women, to Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, homosexuals, to any other group who has been subjugated by the powers that be. That is why when World governments, the banking system, and Big Tech corporations decide who can speak and violate the rights of citizens we have a problem.

As someone who values freedom of speech, I believe “Safe Spaces” and Social Just Warrior or “SJW” ideologies are both anti-American and harmful to society and democracy. These ideologies are a toxin that has poisoned the minds of an entire generation who were brainwashed by authoritarians who do not value freedom, justice, or liberty. They are by definition anti-democracy.

By enforcing censorship and not allowing people to talk about positive and negative experiences and share multiple perspectives that take place in reality our very existential existence becomes distorted. The authoritarians in Silicon Valley are enforcing thought crimes to socially and politically discriminate against free speech, which means they are actively discriminating against all of us and anyone who believes in freedom and social justice. Even this site, Medium, is complicit in censoring views they disagree with.

To educate others, we need to be able to talk about all aspects of difficult topics with an open mind. We need to use free speech as a disinfectant for bad ideas, and not allow extermist authoritarians to dicate our reality for the sake of democracy and our society. SJW culture sees the World in black and white, while I believe we live in a World of many shades and colors.

While I truly value real social justice, I believe without free speech, real social justice is not possible. What I am against is denying others the right to speak, and discriminating against those with opposing views. I am not against the intentions of social justice, I am merely opposed to the people who use false SJW ideology as an excuse or moral justification to bully, harass, subjugate, and to control others. That is not social justice, that is something far more sinister and hypocritical that undermines the values of freedom and liberty. I believe liberty, free speech, and social justice can coexist equally and I refuse to succumb to the extremism of those who censor.

From this point forward I will be speaking my truth to inform and educate others as to the true nature of our reality.

I have several major announcements that will be coming soon concerning my future and ability to express myself without censorship so please stay tuned and follow me here on Medium Trent Lapinski and Twitter and use the e-mail signup form below before I get banned from social media.

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