Get Packaged To Raise Capital

Trent Lapinski joins Shot Ventures to help growth companies raise funding.

Get packaged for capital with Shot Ventures

As a former CEO, I can tell you that raising capital is a full-time commitment. It’s incredibly challenging for executive teams to manage the intricacies of a fund raise and run their company at the same time. Meanwhile, if you are an actively growing company, it can become even more of a challenge to divert attention away from your business and seek funding for further expansion.

This is why I’ve partnered with Dominique Villela, a former Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), to launch We are an unique combination of tech experience (both being hackers who started at a young age), scalability (we’ve both scaled and sold companies), and highly creative communicators.

We have worked in close proximity to “the deal” throughout our careers, and understand that current market needs require differentiation in any potential investor opportunities. You have to show that you’ve established a foundation and are prepared for growth. In essence, the more pre-capitalization work you do whether you are articulating your revenue model or developing your partnerships, the more likely a successful raise. Given the ever increasing deals available to investors, the pitch must clearly communicate the value proposition, founder’s vision, and a defined path for a return on investment.

Get Packaged for Investment with Shot Ventures

Today, we are selectively delivering a unique set of “capital focused” business development and product marketing consulting services to help package growth companies prior to investment. These are based off of core principles that we’ve learned over time, as well as new strategies required to play in the current venture market.

What are those strategies? They’re not tailored from our own observation of $50+ million in raises we’ve supported, but detailed feedback that we’ve received from investors on how they (and their partners) want to see deals structured and pitched now and into 2018. Given our history of working with investors, we understand the process and challenges of investing, and are able to guide executive teams on the best practices for a successful fund raise.

Dominique and I work directly with both executives and investors to be able to ensure optimal outcomes for both. Our goal is to position a company and products (or services) into a strategic marketing package for investment. While we are notably hyper-focused on product needs for the best go-to-market strategy, we also actively look for ways to connect any of our work directly to closing a deal — whether through investment or M&A (mergers and acquisitions).

For more information please visit, and you can reach me at trent at

For CEOs and Executives

If you’re a growth company with revenue looking to raise a round, or looking to position your company for future investment we would love to talk to you.

For Investors

If you have investments in your portfolio that are not meeting desired results that need help with product marketing and business development we can help guide them.

For Startups

We do work with startups who are pre-revenue but the opportunity needs to be significant. Ideally, we prefer to work with startups with either traction, seed funding, and/or revenue.