Hillary Clinton Had Convulsions Then Collapsed: What Actually Happened on 9.11.2016

This story is by far one of the most blatant and bizarre propaganda narratives I have witnessed so far this campaign, prompting me to write this blog post, and “correct the record.”

By now you’ve probably seen reports from the main stream media about how Hillary Clinton “stumbled” yesterday, and suffered from “overheating” in 79–81° weather, while also suddenly having pneumonia.

The media and Clinton campaign have concocted a bizarre narrative of how Hillary Clinton’s staff got her sick and gave her pneumonia in an attempt to cover up the fact she just had multiple convulsions, collapsed, and had to be dragged lifelessly into a van all captured on camera. What is even more bizarre about this story, is it means Hillary Clinton knowingly exposed several children, including her own grandchild, and high ranking government officials to a possibly life threatening bacterial infection.

Here is what actually happened:

Hillary Clinton attended a 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero yesterday morning, while wearing what appear to be prescription blue lense sunglasses typically worn by people who suffer from photosensitivity or epilepsy to prevent seizures.

Hillary Clinton wearing blue lense sunglasses at 9/11 memorial.

Just before 9:30am ET, Hillary Clinton began to display symptoms, and someone who appears to be a medical professional begins to perform a neurological examination.

Hillary Clinton being examined by a medical professional at 9/11 Memorial.

Clinton then left the 9/11 Memorial event before its conclusion.

Hillary Clinton was escorted by this person who appears to be checking her pulse, as well as Secret Service.

Hillary Clinton being escorted out of 9/11 Memorial with medical professional.

Hillary Clinton was forced to wait for a van, likely breaking Secret Service protocol, while propped against a metal divider, and began to suffer multiple convulsions while being held up. Her head began to sway, as Clinton’s knees then buckled, she collapsed, and is dragged unconsciously into a van shortly after it arrives.

Unedited video of Hillary Clinton having convulsions, and collapsing.
Another look zoomed in, and the video flipped horzinatally.

According to journalists at the scene they were not allowed to leave the 9/11 Memorial event, and follow Clinton.

Hillary Clinton violated standard protocol yet again and was not taken to a hospital, but instead was taken to her Daughter’s apartment where her newborn grandchild lives. The media was kept in a blackout with no information for nearly 90-minutes before the Clinton campaign finally announced she had suffered from heat-stroke.

Hillary was then seen leaving her Daughter’s apartment, refused to answer questions, stated it was a beautiful day, and that she was “feeling great.” She then posed for a photo with a child, and went home.

Hillary leaves Daughter’s apartment while sick with pneumonia.

Several hours later the Clinton campaign announced that Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday, and is on antibiotics. She has since canceled her trip to California and is under doctors orders to rest.

Meanwhile, her staff today leaked to the press that several other members of her campaign have been sick, including an advisor who had to be hospitalized.

If you believe the official narrative of this story, Hillary Clinton knowingly attended a 9/11 Memorial event with pneumonia caused by a potentially contagious bacterial infection that requires antibiotics to treat that she contracted from her staff.

According to the Clinton campaign, Hillary Clinton also just knowingly exposed her Daughter, grandchild, high ranking government officials, and another child during a photo opportunity to a possibly life threatening infection in an attempt to cover up the fact that she has been sick with pneumonia only hours later to reveal she was in fact sick. Even if you believe this to be the absolute and only truth, her behavior was entirely irresponsible and put both herself and others at risk. Much like what happened with her e-mail server.

Then of course there is the possibility that pneumonia is not the only thing wrong with Hillary Clinton, if she even has pneumonia. Given Hillary Clinton’s known medical history of concussions, blood clots, coughing fits which have been happening for the past several years (and not just recently), as well as other unusual medical incidents it is entirely possible Hillary Clinton is hiding a systemic underlining medical condition, and the media is helping her to cover it up.

Several theories from doctors suggest that Hillary Clinton is suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and the stress of the campaign has exacerbated her condition. According to michaeljfox.org, the leading cause of death in Parkinson’s is aspiration pneumonia due to swallowing disorders. In other words, pneumonia is itself potentially a symptom of Clinton’s underlining condition, and not the only thing wrong with her. It also means pneumonia might be life threatening for her. Meanwhile, others have theorized Hillary might be suffering from paroxysmal dyskinesias as a result of brain damage from her blood clots which has similar symptoms to Parkinson’s disease.

What ever is actually wrong with Hillary Clinton, it is has clearly progressed. Even if she just has pneumonia, then that means she likely just suffered a pneumonia induced seizure and lost consciousness, which is incredibly rare, and doesn’t make medical sense given the fact she wasn’t seen coughing or sneezing. What makes even less sense if the fact she never went to the hospital, and was later seen walking and talking leaving her Daughter’s apartment without any symptoms of pneumonia.

Something is seriously wrong with Hillary Clintons health, and the country deserves to know what is wrong with her before November.

Blatant Coverup

Yesterday morning when I woke up, I had a dozen notifications on my phone, even a text message from a friend concerning Hillary Clinton’s “medical episode.” My Twitter feed was 90% posts about Hillary Clinton collapsing, Reddit had half a dozen posts on my homepage, Voat.co was basically the Clinton News Network, and even the actual CNN was covering it. This actually happened, it was bad, and the media and Internet reacted accordingly… until something changed.

Less than 24-hours later and most of the original sources of the Clinton video were removed, and Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook were scrubbed clean of Clinton news. Twitter and Facebook both removed Clinton from their trending sections within 3 hours of the event. Meanwhile, the media stopped showing the full video and instead just clips or freeze frames. In real-time I watched as the media’s narrative changed from heat-stroke to pneumonia as if all our questions had been answered. Gone from headlines were such words as: “convulsion”, “collapsing”, and “medical episode”, and were replaced instead with words such as “stumbling” and “overheating.”

No matter what your political beliefs or affiliations are there is something seriously wrong with the media, social media included, when a Presidential candidate suffers from convulsions, and collapses on camera for the entire world to see and an attempt is to made to delete it. This is both a serious medical concern for Clinton’s health, as well as a serious political concern for an entire country. Clinton has a significant chance of winning the Presidency, but if she’s hiding a serious medical condition the public has a right to know before the election.

It is better for the Democrats deal with the reality of this situation now, rather then try and sweep it under the rug until it is too late and Donald Trump becomes the next President of the United States.

As citizens we should demand the media stop covering for politicians, and instead focus on the facts, and let the public make their own decisions.

Update 9–15–2016:

Clinton’s campaign and doctor have released the following medical statement regarding her diagnosis and health in the past year.

The statement is essentially a summary of Hillary’s health in the past 12-months, and does not include many details of chronic or pre-existing conditions. Although it does include new information concerning a sinus infection back in January, which was treated with antibiotics, steroids, and a myringotomy tube in her left ear. The statement also claims she a had CT scan of her brain and sinuses back in March 2016, which showed chronic sinusitis.

On Friday, September 9th, a CT scan revealed right middle-lobe bacterial pneumonia which the doctor claims is noncontiguous (which is questionable considering the claims the bacterial infection was passed around by her staff). She is currently being treated with a 10-day round of the antibiotic Levaquin. Also according to the statement Hillary Clinton is currently taking Armor Thyroid for a thyroid condition, Coumadin used as an anticoagulant, Clarinex for allergies, and vitamin B12.

Upon reviewing the medications, Levaquin, Armor Thyroid, and Clarinex all list some form of tremors, convulsions, and even seizures as potential side effects. Of particular interest, Levaquin increases photosensitivity, and overdose in animal studies showed loss of body control, drooping, difficulty breathing, tremors, and convulsions.

If this medical statement is 100% accurate, and is not leaving anything else out then there is a realistic probability that all of the medications Hillary Clinton is taking combined with being sick from pneumonia, her age, and other health conditions while out in the sun increased her seizure threshold resulting in the convulsions and collapse witnessed in the video. While this is a plausible explanation of what happened on 9–11–2016, more information is needed, and it does not explain why she was not treated at a hospital, or why the Clinton campaign felt the need to cover this up. It is also surprising further tests have not been ordered since her convulsions and collapse.

This statement also does not rule out that Hillary Clinton has a yet to be diagnosed medical condition, as no neurological testing has been conducted in the past year according to this statement. It also means her doctors were responsible for what just happened to her as they prescribed her these medications. Nor does this statement provide a detailed history of any pre-existing conditions, and makes no mention of Hillary Clinton’s previous blood clots, concussions, or fainting episodes.

Lastly, in my opinion the way Hillary Clinton handled this situation was entirely un-Presidential. Her first instinct was to refuse proper medical care in a hospital, keep the media in the dark for over 90-minutes, refuse to answer the medias questions, pose for a photo-opportunity, spread propaganda about the severity of what happened, attempt to censor the videos from the Internet, and then finally admit that she was sick.

This whole medical episode continues to be one of the most bizarre things to happen during this campaign, and the medias handling of this event was deplorable.

Disclaimer: I am an undecided voter, considering voting 3rd party, although I am a registered Democrat. I have voted Democrat in previous elections, and voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries (even though I don’t really agree with him I thought he was a better choice over Clinton to beat Trump). I had little intention of voting for Hillary Clinton due to her policies as Secretary of State, improper handling of classified information, lack of technical understanding, rigging the DNC primaries in her favor against Sanders, and lingering concerns about her health which have just become legitimized.

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