I don’t read that email as a mitigation strategy at all, and I’m surprised you do; it seems to be a…
Steven Anderson

I stand by my position that there is ample evidence of a cover up.

I am accusing Hillary Clinton of committing a crime of which there is clear and present evidence. I do not have proof the President committed a crime because Hillary Clinton illegal deleted any evidence of his involvement after being subpoenaed, and violently destroyed her mobile devices with a hammer.

The Reddit post in question has been verified by the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and FBI director was also questioned about the Reddit post. It has been confirmed by the Oversight Committee that the user Stonetear was in fact Paul Combetta, and it was posted days after the subpoena had been issued. There is nothing to discredit, and it is unknown if the FBI had found this post during their investigation. This evidence alone proves she illegal destroyed evidence, meanwhile the Podesta e-mails establish intent to delete them personally.

With all of that said, I seriously question your intention when all the evidence you need is looking you in the face that tells you something is not right here. You are clearly an educated and intelligent person, but your grasping at logical fallacies trying to disprove the evidence when there was already enough wrongdoing in the first place to warrant an FBI investigation that produced a 100 page summary of the investigation.

An investigation that the FBI established Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State routinely violated both physical and digital operational security protocols on a regularly basis and even once put her staff and the press in physical danger for a photo opportunity. They even discovered a group of high-ranking State Department Officials who referred to themselves as “the Shadow Government” who met on a weekly basis. Do these sound like the dealings of someone fit to serve as President?

Then there is all the other evidence in the Podesta e-mails and DNC leaks that proves media collusion, illegally interacting with Super PACs, pay to play government appointments, inciting riots at the Chicago Trump rally, tens of millions in foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, and lets not forget all the evidence of vote manipulation that got Hillary Clinton the nomination over Bernie Sanders in the first place. Did you know 1 million votes in California alone weren’t counted, and the margin of error from exit polls was significant to warrant hand recounts in some counties that showed up to 15% of Bernie votes were flipped for Clinton? Or how about the fact she revealed classified information during the last Presidential debate?

You’re clearly backing a corrupt politician that has lost touch with reality who is guilty of far more crimes then the ones I’ve accused her of. So you can spend as much time as you want trying to pick apart my theory, but I’m seeking the truth for the American people, and you’re just trying to support an unlikable corrupt criminal politician.

No matter what your opinion of me is, the fact remains that your Government, and political party are lying to you, and the American people.

What are you going to do about it? Sit in your ivory tower?