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Free thinking is now a thought crime, as we censor ourselves out of fear.

Trent Lapinski
May 16 · 4 min read

The tech industry has a problem; the technology that was supposed to bring us all together has instead torn us all apart. Technology was supposed to bring us freedom and democracy, but instead has become fuel for a culture war that is dividing and destroying the modern world.

We now live in a world of tyranny, echo chambers, click bait, spam, and our data, privacy, and freedoms have been taken from us.

Free speech is dead. What are we going to do about it?

Welcome to our first podcast, I am your host, Trent Lapinski, and one of the co-founders of Techpost. I am leaving my other podcast, and instead, will be focusing all of my energy on Techpost for the foreseeable future.

The universe works in mysterious and screwed up ways.

And, At 32-years-old, I find myself yet again staring into the abyss searching for any shred of sanity in an insane World. In my 20+ year career in the tech industry the past few years have by far been some of the darkest. The Internet has been censored, our privacy is gone, our freedoms have been taken from us, and anyone who thinks freely and has any sense of moral compass or ethics, are now viewed as weak by a prison planet run by predatory, elite sociopaths.

The Internet has become a hateful and negative place.

I’ve found myself a victim of the powers that be in so many ways from being attacked by outrage mobs, to death threats, to losing relationships that were important to me, all due to politics. I now find myself digitally homeless as the communities I once loved and helped build have been corrupted both online and in real life.


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