Trent, if there’s one thing you are not it’s speechless.
Luchino Castagno

Meant “deconstruct” but it autocorrected. I was writing on my mobile device.

Look, you went on the offensive against me. I only defend myself when attacked, and I know how to debate. The only time I go on the offensive is when someone is clearly doing something I consider to be ethically, or morally wrong, or that is strongly against my values like what happened with Imzy.

As a writer, I am still finding my audience. You are mistaking my word selection as a reflection of my own personal politics, and that is simply not the case. You are not reading for my intention, you are focusing way too much on which words I use. I am purposely writing in a way that appeals to both the left and the right, and use words and phrases often associated with both and combine them. I am doing this on purpose so that people from either party can read my writing and find some common ground. Of course, to some people using these phrases is triggering, which is possibly what happened with you. I’m not going to apologize for it, because I do it by design to bridge the gap between the parties, it weeds out the extremists. I do not do this to upset anyone personally, but merely as a tactic to find an audience who is receptive to my thoughts and ideas.

I haven’t seen this progressive movement of resistance you speak of. I have however seen a corporate establishment Democrat manufactured “resistance”—these are the same people who rigged the primaries against Bernie, and the same people who forced Hillary Clinton down our throats. Both The New York Times and Politico have confirmed the resistance is being lead by Democrat insiders and former Hillary staffers. I have no interest in joining Neo-liberal’s who all of a sudden consider themselves to be “‘progressive” since Hillary lost.

I’ve also seen left-wing domestic terrorists like Antifa who believe in violence to shut down free speech meanwhile spewing their own hate speech and nonsense.

I seriously question anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton, and suddenly claims to be a progressive. The progressive members of the Democrat party were shut down by a rigged primary. I side with those who did not compromise their values and either voted 3rd party like I did, didn’t vote, or even voted for Trump over those who voted for Hillary Clinton. So no, I do not support Hillary Clinton supporters, I do not support Neo-liberals, and I will not be joining their establishment “resistance”.

These people do not share my values, and I question who they think they are on the political spectrum despite how they label themselves. I value freedom of speech, nonviolence, and I do not support politically correct ideologies or identity politics. I consider anyone who uses these tactics to be a Neo-liberal. I am just as opposed to them as I am Neo-conservatives, if not more so because they actually stole an election from a progressive candidate I believe had some serious potential to do some good in this world.

I judge others not for their words but by their actions, and I cannot get behind all the obstruction of the Trump administration by the establishment resistance, nor do I support the domestic terrorist actions of Antifa members physically attacking people, nor can I get behind marching in vagina costumes. These behavior are not a resistance, hating Trump and his supporters is not a policy, it is a political carnival being put on by a dying establishment I want dead. If you cannot see that, then you’re not paying attention.

Meanwhile, I have not told anyone who feels the need to resist to not participate in the process, I’ve merely asked them to question who is funding the protests they’re attending and what those billionaires and celebrities intentions are. I’m then encouraging people to work locally and start their own grassroots movements instead of supporting the very people who undermined the 2016 election in the first place.

With all of that said, fuck the establishment resistance.

I’m down for a political revolution in this country, but not like this. The resistance as it is today will cause more division and harm to the values I believe in then it will accomplish any good. If anything their actions will push me and millions of others to support Trump when we don’t want to.

The revolution will not be organized.