Wow, you are really naive.
Matt Chessen

Once again Wikileaks has NEVER released a falsified document in their history. Several members of the DNC have admitted the e-mails are real, and even Hillary herself never made the claim that any of the e-mails were falsified. You have no credible source for your baseless accusation. That is fake news.

Also, you have no idea what I have studied. I did not follow the French election closely enough to form a real opinion on the situation, and I am aware of the Macron leaks.

Meanwhile, I absolutely have studied propaganda, weaponized narratives, Russian botnets, and cyber secrutiy. I’ve written extensively on these topics, including being interviewed on several podcasts on these topics. Once again you just made that up.

I see absolutely no correlation to the Macron leaks and the DNC leaks. They share almost nothing in common. The Macron leaks weren’t even released by Wikileaks. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

I never claimed to having any new evidence, all I did was assemble existing publicly available information. That’s kind of what journalists do when there are no breaks in a case or investigation.

Having worked as a journalist in the past, I have interviewed many people on the record and investigated many different situations and I’ve even had my work mentioned by the New York Times.

I’m all for having an intelligent debate, by so far all you’ve done is make shit up.

Wake up Matt.

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