But seriously, I have been saying this all along.
Natasha Nikole

Right now we’re just two crazy people who agree. I believe we need least 1 more person for this idea to become a movement.

I actually kind of love this narrative, it completely takes all the insanity we saw from the 2016 election and puts it into perspective on both sides of the political spectrum.

On one hand, if this is in fact what Trump and Steve Bannon did it is fucking brilliant. Yet also morally and ethically perplexing. If the content of what they were spreading was actual news, like Hillary Clinton and John Podesta’s actually e-mails, then was it propaganda or news? If they were purposely creating and spreading fake news, well then that’s a bit more evil.

Then considering the fact we know Clinton was colluding with the 6 major media companies, is that not a form of cheating as well?

Whatever the hell just happened, this is a fascinating theory of what we just witnessed. I’m still not ready to consider this from a non-theoretical perspective and consider it absolute fact, but the possibilities are mind-blowing to think about and warrant further investigation.