Hi Trent,
Rebecca Talley

The biggest issue at this point is insurance won't cover the tests, and doctors I need and the costs are out of control. I had to switch to an HMO because Obama Care eliminated the PPO plan I was on, and I can’t afford the plan I need which would be upwards of $600–800 per month. Even if I win the lottery tomorrow it still wouldn’t necessarily get me to the doctors or tests I need because many of the decent doctors in the Bay Area no longer accept insurance.

The other issue is the health issues I’m dealing with are mostly ignored or misunderstood by Western medicine. I desperately need to see a naturopath, and I’ve seen one through my insurance in the past but my problems simply cannot be solved with a 30-minutes doctors appointment and she was young, stressed out, and seemed inexperienced. I was hustled in and out without resolution. The only people who will even give me an hour of their time won’t take insurance, and the cost of the tests I need are in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars and are not covered by insurance. I just can’t justify the expense right now to definitively know what’s going on.

I’m literally to the point where I just experiment with different herbs and remedies I research online and see if they help, because its cheaper to buy a $20 bottle of some herbs then it is to spend $350 for a Dr.’s appointment, and another $450+ on tests. If the tests confirm what I think is going on, it will be hundreds of dollars per month to resolve, and additional doctors appointments and tests as well.

What it ultimately comes down to is I can either pay for insurance and not get the care I need, or not have insurance and use the money to see the doctors I need. But if I do that, I will get fined by the IRS potentially until the Trump admin figures out this whole Obama Care nightmare.

At this point I’ve figured out the right combo of supplements and herbs to keep me functional, but I’m unable to get a proper diagnosis and fix what is wrong. Meanwhile, I’m paying out of pocket for a chiropractor right now just so I can even use my computer and be able to work without being in as much pain.

I’m managing but the system is so broken that petitioning the insurance companies wont help me.