So the question is — now that we’re a few months into his presidency, can you not see what a fraud…
Allison Clough Goodwin

Tired of this “us vs. them” bullshit. I voted 3rd party. Trump’s doing exactly what he promised. Sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t. That’s pretty much it. Don’t really think much more or less of him. Nor do I see any reason why I would want him to fail, as that would hurt our country.

I am still glad Hillary Clinton is not President, and I’m even more glad John Podesta, who is currently accused of being tied to human trafficking, isn’t Secretary of State. Those people are absolutely insane, and I’d much rather have an ineffective Trump or a marginally successful Trump than any manifestation of a Clinton Presidency.

Lastly, I am fairly good at seeing through fake news and propaganda and likely have a much better understanding of what’s really going on right now than most American’s. I can tell merely from your response you believe in the bullshit the mainstream media is selling you, which means you’re getting your information from the Deep State which is fake news.

Pointing out that the mainstream media is fake news does not mean I support everything Trump does, it merely means I see through their bullshit and don’t let CNN make my decisions for me. I do my own research and come to my own conclusions. You might want to give it a try sometime, it’s in fact easier to think for yourself then it is to randomly attack people on the Internet to support some Deep State corporations manufactured propaganda.