Haha wow! Such credibility.
Matt Chessen

To put it frankly Matt, I’m tired of your bullshit.

You’re the one making false accusations, questioning my background, intelligence, and trying to claim I am mentally disabled — which is not okay by any stretch of the imagination. You are attacking the messenger, which is a logical fallacy and you are doing so by simply making things up about me. That is not an argument.

I’m merely providing evidence to correct your made up and inaccurate claims. Based on your responses it seems to be that you are a compulsive liar and lack credibility. I wouldn’t have to correct you if you didn’t make things up.

I’ve been nothing but transparent, and honest with you and you continue to simply make things up and attempt to insult me. The funny thing is, you’re not even very good at it and your sources are all known mainstream propaganda outlets. No wonder you admire politicians and news outlets who lie for a living.

I am an independent journalist, I don’t get paid to do this, and I do not have the resources at my disposal of a news agency. This is not my job, and the only reason I wrote this is because I am compelled by empathy, justice, and a desire to help people.

You’re so blinded by your own bias and lack of self awareness that I don’t even think you realize how foolish your statements have been towards me.

You’re a phony Matt, you are a casualty of fake news, and unfortunately it seems you’re also not a very nice person.

Please seek professional help for your Neo-McCarthyism delusions, and get your negative energy away from me.

I will not be responding to you any further.

Unfollow me.