Scott Spaniol

Trump wasn’t a surprise to me, he’s been mostly predictable. Anyone who thought all of Obama’s globalist and feminist policies were going to last under Trump were kidding themselves. While I feel for those who feel discriminated against, they were still discriminated against before Trump so it’s hard to argue anything has really changed. The government is not in the business of protecting people’s freedoms anymore, and hasn’t been since at least WW2.

I didn’t expect Trump to keep so many promises so quickly. Which has completely screwed with the lefts head. However, it has also made it really easy to mentally prepare for what Trump is doing, as well as where he stands on certain issues. He continues to operate as I predicted but with even faster efficiency then I imagined.

I’m not really buying all the media bullshit. It’s clearly not a reflection of reality. Actually kind of enjoying watching them lose their shit. They deserve to be called out.

The Deep State is also finally being exposed to the public which is also kind of awesome.

Meanwhile many left- and right-leaning “leaders”, celebrities, and journalists have also exposed themselves as being weak, ineffective, and completely out of touch. We are witnessing the death moans of a dying establishment.

As for the resistance, it is clearly being manufactured by establishment Democrats, and funded by dark money. So I don’t really believe in that either.

I do believe people are outraged, and believe that they believe their worst fears are coming true, but those people are merely being reactionary and waking up to a reality that’s been here for a while. Had they been paying attention they would have known this reality was already present, and much of today’s reality is still a reflection of Obama’s America, more so than a reflection of Trump’s first month.

The brainwashed are waking up, but plenty of people are just doubling down on blue pills rather than considering the red pill. Or simply taking no pills at all.

Having had my own personal awakening several years ago I’ve been living in this reality for a while now, long before Trump. The truth is it had far more to do with the Obama and George W. Bush admins, the Deep State, and globalism then anything Trump’s done in a month.

I’m anxious to see what Trump does with the human trafficking rings that are potentially tied to our government, and I am fascinated by his war with the Deep State, and media (which are arguably working together or are possibly the same entities).

This is a perfect storm for real progressives to get their shit together, organize, remove the Democratic establishment from power, and take over and rebrand the party. It will probably take 4–8 years but that’s really not that long in the grand scheme of things. The same is true for young conservative Republicans, especially libertarians, this is their chance to create a new political identity for their party and move away from Neocon values.

The losers from the Trump admin are going to be the Neoliberals, the Neocons, the globalists, and the brainwashed establishment Americans. The baby boomers will all be dead in 10–20 years, gen X and the Millennial’s will seize power after Trump for good.