It was particularly interesting to see deleted posts on Reddit on Sunday.
Tom Ritchford

Watching this story get deleted from Reddit in real-time was downright Orwellian. I saw the same thing.

I hear you though, there’s a possibility this episode isn’t conclusive of an underlining condition. The only thing we know for certain is what is on the video, and she clearly suffered from convulsions and then collapsed. We can’t even tell if she lost consciousness or not since we cannot see her face. Although the fact she had visible convulsions before collapsing means at the very least is she suffered some kind of seizure like episode which in and of itself is a serious medical condition.

With that said, this has happened to her before according to Bill Clinton in a recent interview

What is odd about this interview is he seems to be doubling down on the dehydration narrative rather then the pneumonia narrative, then admits she’s fainted in the past. They keep pushing this idea that is normal to faint under normal circumstances. No one else fainted at that event.

Another possibility is this is something entirely new that has not been properly diagnosed yet. If she does in fact have pneumonia, that plus the seizure like episode could be clues and symptoms of an underlining condition that they were not aware of before.

We will just have to wait and see what happens at this point. She’s on antibiotics which at 68 will weaken her immune system for months making her more susceptible to other infections, and reoccurring infections. She is not out of the woods on this by any means, and will likely return to campaigning as soon as she feels better but that doesn’t actually mean she’s recovered fully and could relapse. There is still nearly 2-months before the election, anything could happen.