AI DAOs Series

Articles & Talks about AI DAOs & Humanity

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This post collects together the key articles I’ve written, and talks that I’ve given, about AI DAOs, and humanity.


Lead-in Article. Blockchains for Artificial Intelligence

Parts I & II

Part I Article (2016). AI DAOs, and Three Paths to Get There

Part II Article (2016). Wild, Wooly AI DAOs

Part I&II Talk (2017). “An Introduction to AI DAOs”, BigchainDB & IPDB meetup, Berlin, April 5, 2017 [slides][video]

Part III

Part III Main Article (2017). The AI Existential Threat: Reflections of a Recovering Bio-Narcissist

Part III Sub Article (2017). The Bandwidth++ Scenario

Part III Talk (2017). “AI, Blockchain, and Humanity: The Next 10 Billion Years of Human Civilization”, Convoco 3.0 — AI and the Common Good, Berlin, Apr 1, 2017 [slides] [video]

Part III talk (2016). “Reflections of a Recovering Bio-Narcissist on the Singularity”,, Aug 18, 2016, Berlin [slides][video]

Part IV — “Nature 2.0”

Whereas Parts II & III laid out some negative implications of AI DAOs, Part IV is a positive framing. Good to balance things out!

Part IV Article (2018). Nature 2.0: The Cradle of Civilization Gets an Upgrade.

Part IV talk (2018). Keynote, SET Tech Festival (Innogy), Berlin, April 16, 2018 [slideshare][slides-PDF][video]