Great article! One thing that I kind of worry about in this model is a tragedy of commons.
Marek Kirejczyk

Thanks for the thoughts!

If people starts to sell, then the price goes down of course. If everyone moves to sell, it means a super strong vote of non-confidence in the ecosystem, and the ecosystem will probably (deservedly) wither and die. But the more likely scenario is that it will go to a lower value, at which point value investors will come in. This is not unlike existing stock market dynamics.

> company needs cash to invest

Actually, the old company is less important, it’s more like a service provider to add value by e.g. building new functionality. It would holds some tokens so that its interests are aligned.

And, in this framing, investment can come from anyone. If you hold enough tokens then you are incentivized to add value to the ecosystem, which you could do by e.g. building new functionality. Or perhaps you just think it’s cool and add value regardless of token count! (Open source today.)