A.C.T and Band Standards


Should I be worried about the A.C.T? Should I focus on standards others set for me and make them my ambitions? Or shall I solemnly swear to focus on what I want to do? Questions to be pondered in this entry.

Everyday at school, the first class we atrend is called “Tribe” it’s a silly play on words building off our mascot. This is a class in which we address things we have coming up on our schedule and different information about things needed to be done for our ‘success’. Right now, we are talking about the A.C.T and other test to be taken if we are planning to further our education. Say I didn’t want to further my education though. Say I wanted to do on the job training and go straight to the work force as a mail carrier or maybe chase a dream like acting. Would the pressure of others’ standards make me give in and end up working some job that might be better paying but is less satisfying to my ambitions and heart? Are these things really better for us? Or is social pressure forcing things upon our minds telling us “this is better for you” when it really isn’t in all situations?

For instance, as I’ve stated previously the band at my high school is an award winning ensemble in the marching and symphonic respects. This is mostly thanks to our director, an accomplished musician and his own right and a graduate of The University of South Carolina’s School of Music. He’s also a upright man with certain moral values and a good education is one of those. He believes his students should have the highest grades and should do everything possible to further their education to the highest means. What if I didn’t care about my education though and had more important things to do? Well, more important in my life and circumstances. What if rather than focusing energy on grades I channeled that energy and used it to male my writing or music better?

In conclusion, I pose the questions: do I focus on what others say is best for me or do I chase after my ambitions? Should I get a back up plan through education and then chase my dreams? I think the wasted energy there is something to be pondered about. What if I did make my goals and aspirations? All that energy getting some degree I didn’t want nor need is wasted when I could have been crafting my art? Even if I were not to make it all the energy and money I spent on my degree could have been what held me back? If I didn’t make it though at least I’d have a back up plan though. It’s a double sided knife in some ways, but the point is to find the handle and us it to slay the obstacles that are within life.

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