A High Schooler’s Philosophy

School work, social life, extracurricular activities, family life, and religion these are things the average American teenager has to balance in their daily life. Does that not seem to be a bit much for someone who’s brain isn’t even fully developed yet? Isn’t that a lot for someone of any maturity? All that pressure can result in bad decisions. After all, ABC News gives the statistic that one in 12 teens, ages 14–15, self harm and suicide is the third leading cause of death in ages 15–24, according to heathlychildren.org. So how do those teens who don’t self harm or end their own life make decisions that basically help determine where their life is headed? These writings are going to answer that very question. Using philosophy, psychology, and a first hand resource (your’s truly) we will walk through everyday of a 17 year old male high school students life for a full year and determine how he makes decisions and if he’s making the right ones for himself. To do that we must first meet him.

This is our subject, me, my name is Gordon Trent Pearson. I’m 17 years old I live in South Carolina in a rather rural part at that. I go to a decent size high school with a reputation for rednecks and farmers, if you aren’t one of those two your in a fine arts ensemble or a cliche high school group like skaters or the infamous emo kids. I personally fall into the fine arts category being in both my school’s award winning band and our chamber choir enesmble.

I’m also a bit of a nerd I enjoy movies and comic books but my life is mostly dominated by music and has been since my 6th grade year, when I joined band. I sincerely enjoy it especially singing and piano playing, they are my release from all life’s stress. Luckily, I was able to channel that when I lost my father back in November.

Losing my dad added a lot of new stress to my life including the idea that I had no male figure to support me and I had to be my own man. That’s a lot of work here since southern culture basically demand we be masculine and not too emotional in order to be considered a man. I still make it through though.

Coming up on my senior year I do have some rather large decisions to make, so large they are life defining. Where do I go to college? What major do I study? Do I stay local or do I move to somewhere with more potential? These are ‘big picture’ questions, but the everyday small decisions are the ones that define us truly right?

Everyday, I’ll write 3 paragraphs about my day and the decisions that I made that day. Thereafter, I will dissect that days decisions and determine if they were just and why I made them. Then, I’ll ask for arguments against my decisions or that back my decisions. The purpose of this is to make people think about the questions posed by life to an average American teenager and how we can better the American teen on a philosophical level to make these decisions. My first entry will start today and the last entry will be posted on February 16th, 2017.

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