Simple Life

The hamster wheel saga continues on with commuting and working, and this is another moment of truth where I dare to ask: Why can’t life be simpler than it is made out to be? How did mankind become strung up by the influence of money and power like some helpless puppet?

Every day seems bogged down with constant stimuli amidst a never-ending race to obtain one’s figurative throne. I feel trapped in a stampede of modern age ambition hell-bent on grabbing some brass ring that at the end of the day really doesn’t mean anything. There are times in this stampede when I wonder what would happen if I were to stop. Would I part the masses or simply become engulfed by them?

Life within broken humanity already makes too much noise from needless conflict stemming from countless differences ranging from race to religion to class to gender to sex and so much more. There seems to be an alarming amount of fervor dedicated to SCREAMING one’s opinion instead of finding the silence to openly listen to one another. Are humans simply nothing more than a mindless, judgmental mob easily controlled by various means of persuasion rooted in money and power? It seems that the answer would be an emphatic yes.

I cannot help but feel cynicism whenever politics plays itself out on the world’s stage for only one goal: the continued division of rich and poor. History has proven that success of a privileged few at the summit can only be obtained on the heaped masses of the less fortunate below. This seems like an overwhelming fact that cannot be ignored, for it isn’t practical to expect EVERY single person to be destined for prosperity…at least not in the money and power sense. I believe there is no such thing as a good deed when corruption runs rampant on all sides. Those on the ground toiling through the hours may have good intentions, but many of those at the top may not.

Human nature is capable of much goodwill, but more capable of hubris and cruelty. Learning of new worlds beyond our solar system from the likes of NASA is always amazing, but I can’t help but feel disdain for our attempts to reach out. Here we are on a fragile blue dot sailing through a habitable zone with no desire to stop killing each other with words and/or missiles. Here we are claiming to be the intelligent apex of the animal kingdom and we can’t see beyond our own beliefs to truly follow the golden rule and live and LET others live. Here we are living under the guise of the almighty dollar pushed by corporations and entities seeking to remain in charge with masses in the dark. He we are so quick to follow religious man-made dogma to soothe one’s conscience while using it to curse others to eternal damnation. I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t be ashamed to encounter a hospitable race outside of our own. We have trash amassing in our lands, waters AND space domains for crying out loud!!! As an extraterrestrial, would I want to get to know a race of people quick to fight and bicker amongst themselves while being constantly ruled and influenced by outside forces? Absolutely not!

In all this shame of modern society, I still choose to stay in it and benefit from its resources. Whether the reason comes from the companionship of my partner or fear of being ostracized from the “matrix”, I feel like a hypocrite…a trapped hypocrite.

I am so frustrated with life’s responsibilities and all the “noise”. I wish I could just drop everything and escape the confines of my own human understanding to explore the universe in some timeless manner. In the meantime, I can at least feel solace similar to such a feeling when I listen to soothing music in silence and just breathe…or write.

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