Use Treo’s PageSpeed Insights integration to monitor your web pages with Lighthouse, view a detailed history, and receive alerts.

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Demo: PageSpeed Insights powered by
Demo: PageSpeed Insights powered by
Demo: PageSpeed Insights powered by

PageSpeed Insights (PSI) is a service from Google that analyzes your web pages and shows how to improve them. It runs Lighthouse in a stable environment using Google’s infrastructure.

For development teams, having a single source of truth simplifies collaboration. A stable environment is crucial for reproducing metrics between runs and having progress.

But PSI is a low-level API. To make it work inside a team, it requires servers to make…

Introducing Treo — the page speed monitoring service that helps you build fast websites.

Treo monitoring results from the Live Demo.

Building fast websites is hard, but in 2018 page speed is a must as it improves sales, conversion, and SEO.

Treo is designed to prove the effectiveness of the optimizations you deploy. For example, to what extent does server-side rendering improve the page speed or how much does 3rd-party script harm the page interactivity.

By combining modern tooling with the power of data visualization, Treo provides evidence of fast web experience and helps you build performant websites.

Modern tooling

Photo by Khai Sze Ong

This article introduces an idea of stateless end-to-end tests using Google Chrome’s Lighthouse and automatic snapshots. This approach enables fast development experience and tests availability, performance, and quality regressions. For practical examples the article uses Treo.

Before we dive in, let’s define end-to-end tests, why they are valuable, and why they are hard to develop.

Introducing Treo! A cloud infrastructure for Lighthouse that provides end-to-end testing, geographical regions, scalable API, and integrations with Github & Slack. In this post, I’ll cover main benefits of the product, my motivation to build it, and plans for future development.

Lighthouse + Cloud = Treo

Note: Lighthouse is a tool by Google Chrome team, that provides reliable audits for performance, accessibility, best practices, and PWA.


Having Lighthouse in the cloud and using it as a building block enables new possibilities for a development of modern web applications or PWA.

End-to-end testing

Treo provides an easy way to write and support end-to-end tests.

  1. Describe your app as…


Page speed monitoring with Lighthouse

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