Web Design vs Web Development

Before Research

As I entered this web design class I had a preconcived notion that web development and web design were almost interchangeable. I thought that the jobs type was just called web designer. I convinced myself that if I learned how to code a website I could be a web designer. As I have learned this is not the case. Web Design and Web Development are two separate topics. They do come together and they are dependent on eachother. As I conducted research I realized the differences between these two processes.


While reading the article “4 Things You Need To Know About Web Developement and Web Design” I discovered new information that has compleletely changed my thought process on this topic. Web design is the layout, graphic design, and web content. They use programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator to create their desings. Web development is the building, creating, and maintenance of the web site itself. Both web design and web development are dependent on each other to create one web page that has “good” design and has functionality. One interesting point that they stated was that even though CSS is a programming language that web developers use to code the layout and look of the page this is not considered a web design tool. Web desingers are concerned with the look and feel of the website so the user can interact with the website accordingly. The goal of a web designer is to have a smooth user friendly web design. The web developer is consered with the owner of the website and if he can respond to the clients accordingly. The developer has to make sure that the website works for the purpose to the website. For example if Amazon.com was not allowing customers to add items to their shopping cart to purchase them then this would be the web develpers job to try and fix this process. Another difference between these two processes is that web developement is a logical process. Coding is straight foward the syntax has to be correct and the website will work properly. Web Design is a creative process. This process could be done in many different ways. This is why every website does not look the same.

In the article “Trustworthiness in Web Design: 4 Credibility Factors” the author talks about the different aspects of web desing and relating to the trustworthiness of the website. Users respond to the website if the design is well organized and has a developed color scheme that relates to the web page in a logical and creative way. The web designer also has to be aware of the audience of the website and what designs that they respond well to. They used an interesting example of a cleaning companys that use white and green color scheme on their web page were more sucessful because the users associated white and green with cleanning products. The website was also clean in its design which reflected a cleaning company. Using white space on the webpage gives the persception that the content is well organized. Another important quiality to a webpage and its design is high quality images. Images that are high quality are trusted more than images that are pixaled. The content on the page also has to be transparent. If the user feels the website is hiding anything or not upfront the user will not trust this company and will look for the next one. If customer service is not clearly displayed on the page the customer might feel that the website is a scam and not trustworthy. With these points from the article and design ethectics the web designer has many things to keep in mind while creating a website. They need to think of the psycology of the users that are using the website and how they will trust and feel while using the website.

As I read an artcle called “Web Design vs Web Development: Whats the Difference?” They talked about how web desing is typically for a right side of the brain thinker and web development is for the left side of the brain. The author made a interesting thought that without both the web desinger and web developer there would be no use to the web. The web designer is the architect and the builder is the web developer.


In conclusion, I have gained valuable information and insite about web design and web developement that did not know. I now know that web design and web development are different processes but they are dependent on each other to create a working user friendly web site. Without both design and developement the web would not be what is it today. I personally found through reaseraching the differences between the two that I am more interested in the Web Design aspect rather than the Web Development. As I continue to learn more throughout this class I hope to gain more insite on both of these processes.