Stay Grounded

Recently, life has decided to through some punches my way. So yes the punches did hurt, it knocked me from side to side and it may have left some bruises. In this life we dont plan to be defeated, we plan for love, success, happiness, fulfilment, wealth but we don’t always get what we plan. We try to make what seems to be the best choices at some point in our life. However as time rolls on they don’t necessarily turn out to be the best choice and then comes the consequences of those not so right choices. An then there is…what do I do now? Do I give in, remain defeated and let the challenges of this world get the best of me? I’ve often described life as a game. The intention of this game is not how fast you finish it but pushing yourself forward to advance to each level. Some levels may even send you back to a previous level…that’s life.

Through it all its all about staying grounded, allowing yourself to refocus, commit and keep moving forward. Renew your mind, thoughts and habits. Obstacles come in various form and sizes for each and every one of us. So what do we do? Through in the towel and say “that’s it life, I give up!”. It’s a choice we can make if we allowed it to happen. Or we can put on some safety gear and boxing gloves and say “I’m going to fight on”.

So what’s the choice I’ve made? to fight on. I refuse to be defeated, I refuse to loose, I refuse to remain a victim within my circumstance. So I’m going to put a smile on my face, confidence in my posture, effort in my step and passion in my drive and I’m moving forward. I’m going to win this game…how about you?