It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

Thanks, the title is so right, “It’s not about race”; it’s really about oppression and exploitation.

Race/religion/gender/beauty/culture/disability/location/age even, are just ways to rationalize this. The oppressors of any age or tribe will, and have utilized any or all of these rationalizations to justify their actions.

And the only way to change this is to not let the elitist get away with it, constantly resisting… “By any means necessary”

It mostly infuriates me, (firstly brought up by classist parents… my own bigotry having been educated in a colonial system {educated means ‘white’ almost} as in “Black faces, White masks”), when faced with people of my tribe assuming stereotypes of the oppressor class… which happens just as regularly in a this historically majority colored nation as it does else.

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