The Herrera Agency: A Champion for Diversity in the Entertainment Industry

The Herrera Agency (THA), based in Los Angeles California, is a full-service, multicultural marketing agency specializing in arts and entertainment. The agency is lead by President & CEO, Brenda Herrera. The agency emphasizes a team-focused, culturally-inclusive approach that has garnered high-profile clients, especially within the Latino market.

For over ten years, The Herrera Agency has delivered excellence-driven results for a wide-variety of brands across film, TV, music, live entertainment, art, non-profit, and consumer brands.

The Herrera Agency also provides strategic counsel to a wide variety of high profile talent and corporate clients who are looking to reposition, increase, or restore their brand image. The Herrera Agency prides itself on client loyalty and expertly crafted marketing campaigns that deliver results.

Brenda Herrera (CEO)

The Los Angeles Times named Brenda Herrera as a Top 100 diversity candidate for membership in the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. Some of The Herrera Agency’s notable campaigns are The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Madagascar 3, Men in Black 3, and Monsters Vs. Aliens.

Brenda began her journey while a student at UCLA in 2001. She applied for a position as a receptionist for the GRAMMYs. She got the job and began falling in love with the industry. Shortly after, Brenda learned about the newly founded Latin GRAMMYs, where was quickly promoted to Talent Coordinator. She was the perfect fit for the position. Being determined, bright, and bilingual set her apart from the competition.

The Latin GRAMMYs was founded in an effort to create a space to accurately represent the Latino community in entertainment. At the time, Latin music wasn’t getting the mainstream attention it deserved. Brenda quickly became a driving force behind making that change. Brenda took the knowledge and experience she learned from her time at the Latin GRAMMYs and applied it to her business. Her mission has always been clear: making an impact.

The Agency has shown continuous signs of growth since its inception with no signs of slowing down. Brenda’s focus on diversity in the entertainment industry has helped her brand stand out. The Herrera Agency has experienced excellent growth thanks to its progressive cultural stance and its experienced executive leadership.

To learn more about The Herrera Agency visit their website. You can also follow them on Instagram & Facebook @theherreraagency

Freelance Writer & Entrepreneur, writing stories that cover ground-breaking startups.

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Trever Gray

Trever Gray

Freelance Writer & Entrepreneur, writing stories that cover ground-breaking startups.

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