Book Club — The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates
Elsa Fridman Randolph

A1: Stories are great ways to give advice to others, with stories normally peers and mentors give troubling situations in which they got out of or got in trouble for. These stories provide background for listeners as a warning.

Lately I have been talking with a student who is capable of going to college. When I hear of him making poor decisions, I warn him of the consequences, but stories provide a better way of putting someone he knows in shoes he can relate to.

A2: It is more powerful is comes from someone you know and can relate to. In a book characters can be flat and can’t give advice back to someone in a similar situation. I believe that books are a way of seeking advice, but when it comes to information getting it first-hand is a more authentic experience.

A3: The difference between privilege and opportunity is the amount of effort that came before. When I hear privilege I think someone didn’t work hard for the chance, it was given to them. Opportunity on the other hand is more of a continual work and progress toward a goal and the chance was given to them based on dedication.

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