The assassination of Hillary Clinton. How it happened and why it matters.

This is my summation and thoughts. I am not at all citing definitively that I am right. I am merely looking at the factors involved and interpreting them and ask that people read it with an open mind.

In the film The Last Mitterand, Francois Mitterand mutters to his budding young biographer that ‘they’ don’t overtly kill people any longer, they find other ways, they can induce heart-attacks, or perhaps in his case trigger cancer or they can just simply destroy someone’s career. Even someone that powerful was still a little paranoid.

Coup d’ etats are nothing new; they’ve happened throughout history and they continue to this day. The most famous example cited by ‘conspiracy theorists’ is the assassination of JFK. The official story is well known. A lone-nut gunman, ex-marine with connections to Russia and Cuba orders a not particularly suitable rifle, hitches a ride into work with ‘curtain rails’ and sets himself up on the 6th floor window awaiting the Presidential motorcade before firing 3 rapid shots wounding Gov. John Connally and killing Kennedy in the process.

We could begin picking this apart almost immediately without even looking at the Zapruder film, citing witness reports regarding shots from the Grassy Knoll or the recorded statements of the doctors who examined Kennedy, reporting on the complete absence of the back of his head, indicating quite clearly that this resulted from a shot from the front. We can study witness accounts of Oswald’s whereabouts before and after the shooting, that place him four floors below in the 2nd floor canteen of the Book Depository both before and also immediately after the assassination eating dinner and grabbing a coke. We can look at the puzzling trail of dead or disappeared witnesses over the years since the assassination. The Oswald story is convoluted and complex, there are so many routes you can take, so many leads to follow, a web of illusion, and a distraction. There are de Mohrenschildts, Jack Rubys, Howard E. Hunts, David Atlee Philips multitudes of options to take and none so entirely conclusive that it’s produced a swathe of literature from William Manchester, Mark Lane and through Jim Marrs, Oliver Stone and more recently Russ Baker and James Douglas. That Oswald had some involvement goes without question, that he was part of both the plot and the cover up is clear, as to what he knew, or what his exact role was, we’ll never know. But even if he fired shots, or simply just provided the gun, he wasn’t alone.

The real story though is far simpler than jumping down the rabbit hole called Lee Harvey Oswald. JFK, dating back to the Bay of Pigs, had infuriated the intelligence community stepping all over their covert operations. The CIA by the late 1950s and early 60s was a sophisticated melding of corporate, political and military interests all tied up in one big bouquet, all serving each other, all so inextricably linked and dependent on one another, that even J. Edgar Hoover knew they were and irremovable force. The CIA was a hornets nest and Kennedy prodded too much and for too long. He got stung.

Did Kennedy help himself by stepping all over the Bay of Pigs, or winding-in gung-ho Generals like Curtis LeMay during the Cuban Missile Crisis or threatening to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind, or giving speeches attacking secret societies, or even firing CIA boss Allen Dulles? As his Presidency rolled on towards Elm Street he’d not only formed a stronger bond with Kruschev through back channel dealings but also via Kruschev made attempts to repair relationships with Castro. Kennedy was looking for peace, to calm a Cold War; to take a more reasoned approach. His speech to the American University in June 1963 pointed to a better way. None of this was good for the War Machine and the corporations making money where the CIA and military had been first. Then he had the nerve to sign off on a memorandum to begin withdrawal of American troops in Vietnam. Of course the unspeakable would happen to Kennedy. Who needs a lone gunman, when you’ve pissed off the entire military-corporate industrial complex by trying to stop them from making money?

What once was done with snipers, now they do it with data, with leaks, with electoral fraud and with lies.

Here we are nearly 54 years later and Russian hacking and Wikileaks have been fed into the national and international consciousness via an either gullible or complicit mainstream media like Red baiting. The same media, owned by the same groups who are just as interwoven and connected to the matrix of business-politics-intelligence and the military as they were 54 years ago are making a fortune from Trump even if they know he’s bad for the country they’re helping to normalise him just as they helped elect him.

The world has been fed Putin, Russian hacking and Wikileaks like a Lee Harvey Oswald and the Magic-Bullet Theory cuisine but something doesn’t taste right. There is another story, a real smoking gun and again it lies with the warring factions of the establishment and a little reported fact, Interstate Crosscheck.

Hillary Clinton was assassinated, caught in a cross fire, partly through her own political history, paranoia and secrecy, but there were other assassins present. Her Dealey Plaza was the 2016 General election, but unlike Kennedy’s Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, or threats to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces, her faux pas was her gender, the distrust that has been felt about her from day one by the Right and perpetrated through the media, the suspicion in some quarters that she’s maybe more revolutionary than she makes on, to the history of consecutive attempted TKOs landed in her direction from her time as First Lady of Arkansas to Healthcare, Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, her self inflicted Iraq War vote through to Benghazi and finally the ‘goddamed emails’. Has she been treated fairly? No. Has she helped herself along the way? No.

In this assassination, Russia and Wikileaks are simply the Lee Harvey Oswald rabbit hole or new Watergate for the chattering classes who for the first time seem to be engaging in the sort conspiracy theories they’ve spent 54 years ridiculing others for. There is still not one shred of evidence of Russian interference in the election, yes, suggested collusion between Trump associates and the Russian’s. But let’s ask ourselves, what swings elections? Well in three states where there were tiny margins of victory that led to quite substantial electoral vote totals, one could quite obviously say that votes swing elections or a lack thereof. And could the Comey letter pre-election have fed into some of the hostility Clinton faced? Yes, sure. But could Comey, plus rumours of Russian collusion have delivered Trump an election? Surely not.

Clinton won the popular vote by a considerable margin. More people voted for her than Trump, something he still struggles to accept. So, the real assassins are getting away, and this time they weren’t dressed as Secret Service, Police Officers or Railroad Workers, or patsy’s sitting in a canteen with a coke, no they were were Interstate Crosscheck and three key states (Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) each with an extremely low margin of victory for Trump, but with each curiously providing quite a substantial amount of electoral votes to propel him into the White House. Oh and what about the 7 million uncounted votes? Why is the media failing to report on this?

This is not to say however that Hillary Clinton was some kind of angel destined for the presidency, or even deserving of it. She had her own set of problems, some even verging on the criminal. Her email server, which quite spectacularly backfired, was obviously set up to protect her from the prying eyes of the ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ and so of course she would be paranoid, suspicious and want to try and protect her data, she probably intimated that in 2015/16 ‘they’ would do everything in their power to dig dirt or invent it with the express plan to destroy her electoral chances.

And yes she is about as guilty as any other politician of soliciting money from foreign interests and delivering on what they require of her — a gentle nod to the Wall Street paid speeches or the Clinton Foundation. But the Trump-Kushners make the Clinton Foundation look like a children’s party. These guys are out in the open now more than ever, yet the double standards are ridiculous. Do I think at this stage she’s as corrupt as her enemies, probably, but to be anything other I think she doubted she could ever make it this far or get further without dipping her feet a little in the swamp, it’s just that they’re far more evil and far les interested in genuine public service.

Then there’s Bernie Sanders, who very likely holds the key to why Hillary is so entirely disarmed and unable to engage in a meaningful and truthful resistance to the coup d’etat of 2016. Bernie offered a genuine alternative, but as with Trump, Clinton used devious tactics to ensure Bernie never made it past the primaries. Her enemies knew this, so of course she can’t point out the real gunmen in her assassination, because it would only reveal her own complicity in nefariously ousting Bernie with the help of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, voter fraud. Voter fraud is nothing new, it’s why Lyndon Johnson was first elected to congress, it’s how JFK himself helped win the 1960 election with the help of the mafia. The good guys and the bad guys engage in it.

Why was Trump so adamant that Hillary should agree not to contest the result, even before the result had happened? Why, ever since has he felt such a need to continuously reinforce that he won, that he won big, that the popular vote was a fraud, when it’s quite clear it doesn’t matter anymore because he won? His narcissism can’t help but reveal his complicity in stealing an election and his sour grapes that he never won honestly. They both knew the inside game before the fix was in. They both acted accordingly. They both knew of the assassins and who they were working for.

With Comey’s recent sacking, Donald’s kiss for Comey is now a Judas kiss. And his sacking may yet help unravel Trump Presidency in a Nixonian fashion. But media go look at Interstate Crosscheck, forget about your ‘Lee Harvey Oswald’.

Something is rotten. Clinton was caught in crossfire. Was more than one party involved, more than one wing of the establishment? Probably. The FBI fired shots, Trump and the Republicans fired shots, Wikileaks fired shots, if they’re not merely used as the patsy, then maybe even the Russians. But, one shot landed and took out a future President — Interstate Crosscheck. The real nightmare on Elm Street can be found in the eye-witnesses (to the second great electoral crime of this century after Bush-Gore), the missing voters of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.