Talent identification in sport set to get even easier

Taxis, Bed and Breakfasts and social communications. The three main industries overhauled in the digital revolution. From Uber to Airbnb to Snapchat and Facebook, simple processes have been reinvented thanks to modern technology.

The process of ordering and paying for a cab has been simplified with the ability to order and pay through your phone without even speaking to the driver.

Houses can generate income when not in use, while holiday homes reach an ever increasing audience. Communication, once limited to heads-over-fences and analog phones has been modernised with likes, retweets and snaps.

The football world for their most parts has adopted these technologies. Social media plays a vital part of the match day communication for football clubs while getting to and from games is easier as Uber partners more and more with clubs.

One area that has largely being untouched during the digital revolution is talent identification and scouting in the world of football.

Talent identification sounds like it has been modernised; but the reality is it is only in name.

Emails, texts, phone calls, gut feelings, excel, Wyscout, Scout 7, Google drive, WhatsApp and in-house systems are all currently used when finding a player.

Anything up to 9 different systems and feelings; and that’s excluding the finance function of calculating mileage, proving that permissions were sought for players and that the correct credentials are in place.

A new solution on the marketplace plans to change all that. Profile90, the result of a union between Canada, Scotland and Ireland with more than a hint of Finland, is a smart talent identification tech platform that integrates scientific insights taking traditional scouting to a new level.

It gives a 360 view of a player covering the FA 4 corners (physical, tactical/technical, psychological, social) in the most objective way possible.

The uniqueness and innovation of Profile 90 incorporates their psychological characteristics into their profile report through a series of evidence and research based simple questions. It allows strengths and areas of development to be highlighted allowing clubs to shape youngsters experiences to showcase and fine tune their talent.

Social behaviour analysis is carried out through particular programming via social media accounts and further evidencing their psychological profile.

Profile 90 is about identifying talent using the cornerstones of the FA with scientific insights. It captures scouting notes, talent and games in real time alongside being an administrative tool for clubs to show accountability, audit trails and managing Talent ID professionals in a structured manner.

Profile 90 is in the process of patent filing due to its tech innovation and we are excited to showcase it to the football world.

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