We should all vote…twice

by Trevor Bruner

Photo by Joshua Earle

I remember some good advice my Mom gave me years ago.

She said “When you’re about to make a big decision and you don’t know what to do, right before you go to bed, decide. Choose. Pick a direction and make peace with it. Then go to sleep and see how you feel in the morning. If you feel a sense of calm and relief, then you made the right choice. If you still feel worry and conflict, then you probably made the wrong choice. But the good news, is now you have time to change your mind.”

Too bad Great Britton doesn’t have that same luxury.

They’re a country who just ditched their partner of the past 25 years for promises of riches, safety and self-determination and woke up with a raging hang-over next to Boris Johnson and wondered “what the hell have we done”?

Maybe it’s time we instituted a two day voting process.

On day 1, everyone votes and the preliminary votes are in. Everyone get’s a chance to feel-it-out. On day 2, your vote really matters. One catch, only people who voted on day 1 get to vote on day 2. No sitting on the sidelines waiting to see if you need to jump in on day 2.

There’s a surprising number of reports of people wishing the could take back their vote.

One woman said “the reality is actually hitting in and the regret is hitting in. I wish I had the opportunity to vote again, simply because I would do things differently”.

Some of the Brits agree with me (at least on this one vote). There’s a petition to vote again. It’s got a following so large that it’s crashing UK servers.

When a vote of the people has the potential to change the course of a country (and in this case a continent), don’t we all deserve the chance for a do-over?

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