Pentagon Paper’s Dan Ellsberg & NSA’s Bill Binney Voice Support for Julian Assange




International Movement to Free Julian Assange Grows

Online Vigil Saturday and Sunday

Saturday at 14:00 UTC — Full schedule and media contact will be published at

This weekend, July 7–8, even more whistleblowers, political figures, journalists, and activists are joining our second #Unity4J online vigil! The thirty-five strong line-up for this event includes several repeat guests from previous vigils, as well as exciting new ones.

We are delighted to welcome:

Daniel Ellsberg,activist, whistleblower and former US military analyst;

David Swanson,anti-war activist and author;

Ray McGovern, former CIA analyst and advisor to President Reagan;

George Galloway,British politician, writer and broadcaster;

Felicity Ruby,political advisor and 2017 Nobel Peace Prize co-recipient;

Cian Westmoreland, former US Air Force drone technician and whistleblower;

Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and activist;

Peter Van Buren, former US Foreign Services and author;

William Binney,former NSA official and whistleblower,

and many others, all of whom have distinguished themselves in their fields and in their steadfast support for Julian Assange and Wikileaks.

In addition to the previous hosts Suzie Dawson, Elizabeth Lea Vos and Cassandra Fairbanks, we welcome Diani Baretto and Tim Foley who will help to carry the baton during this bigger-than-ever event. The vigil will commence on Saturday at 14:00 UTC, and the full schedule will be published at

Organizer Suzie Dawson said: “Julian Assange is effectively in solitary confinement with no end in sight, while facing severe health risks, legal threats and deprivation of his human rights. Julian’s situation is dire, tenuous and pressing. In response, each month an ever-growing and diverse group of established public figures combine their reach to spread the word about the urgency of Julian’s situation and issue calls to action. They are those whose conscience will not allow them to be silent in the face of the grave injustices inflicted upon a journalist and publisher and, like Julian, they are on the right side of history.”


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