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Marketers in the healthcare and life sciences sector need the ability to engage with patients at scale. But healthcare Marketing departments face unique challenges. The data complexities and privacy concerns require a robust platform and carefully considered processes in order to execute effective campaigns. As a result, marketing teams are often forced to rely heavily on external vendors, IT, and manual processes to deliver on marketing’s goals.

This is where platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help. Using Salesforce as a unified platform enables marketing to move functions in-house with less reliance on technical teams. For example, marketers can begin…

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Get Started with Reporting in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Measuring the performance of marketing is essential for success in any organization. But reporting can be an ambiguous term for marketers. It has different meanings depending on what you’re measuring, what’s important in your particular industry, and the goals defined by your overall marketing strategy.

To begin making sense of reporting in the marketing technology space, it helps to break it down into three levels which grow in complexity, each providing progressively more useful reports.

Three Levels of Reporting

  1. Marketing Activity Reports
  2. Marketing’s Influence on Customer Actions
  3. Marketing Return on Investment (ROI)

Marketo vs. Salesforce Marketing Cloud: A Comparison of Enterprise Marketing Platforms

As competition heats up in the marketing technology space, there are a lot of questions about how different platforms compare. And as industry leaders like Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle and IBM continue to acquire new companies and feature-sets to stay competitive, each product is becoming more capable (and complex) than ever before.

For enterprise companies evaluating a new marketing platform, Marketo and Salesforce Marketing Cloud often make the shortlist. And with Adobe's recent $4.75 Billion acquisition of Marketo, I expect competition between these two products to get even more heated…

Research from Salesforce suggests that customers now expect a more connected and personalized experience delivered to them in real time. This means today’s marketer is expected to capture events across Sales, Service, and Commerce platforms, and to deliver timely — and relevant — content. Marketing Cloud Connect can help. But implementing the connector alone, without adjusting processes to take advantage of its functionality, will do little to improve your sales and marketing efforts.

Another challenge is that capturing cross-platform data and delivering personalized messaging is easier said than done. It involves technical skills not often found in a marketer’s job…

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