Well, creating isn’t easy and I have a hard time allowing myself to focus on it everyday like I should. However allowing yourself to be creative is something that everyone should allow themselves to do. There are some people who enjoy being creative and then there are some who don’t, there are the numbers people who love counting money, or many other kinds of left-brained people (I believe the term is left-brained anyway) and then there are people like me, and if you’re reading this (god, I don’t know why anyone would read this, I’ll find this in a year and know that it’s terrible) then congratulations, you’re probably right-brained! We’re the ones who more than likely weren’t good at math and science in highschool. I know I wasn’t good at either of those and I sat in class and practically day dreamed the whole time in those kinds of classes. It wasn’t until not that long ago actually that I realized that I really love creation and everything invovled in it. I love being able to think of anything I want and then have the potential to bring it to life on paper, in a video, or in most cases, just through writing. Writing is usually the way that I find to be the easiest. I want to get better at writing (I know I’m shit right now) and I want to do well now that I’ve finally found something in life that I really love. I can’t wait to continue to hone this skill!

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