Top Ten Things You Can Do About the Climate Emergency

Trevor Neilson
Aug 18 · 2 min read

“But people just don’t know what do about it.”

Often when the topic of the global climate emergency comes up I hear this vague statement. I have found it a convenient excuse, most often made by liberals who are looking for way to explain their inaction — or the world’s inaction — on the greatest threat humanity has ever faced.

Inaction is a choice to support the status quo.

So here are ten things you can do if you want to be a part of the solution instead of the problem.

  1. Aggressively support candidates who have clear and urgent plans to address the climate emergency. In the U.S. these days this means generally means Democrats, though not all Democrats have real plans on this issue and some are in the pocket of of the fossil fuel industry. Donald Trump’s defeat is absolutely essential to the fight against climate collapse. Donate everything you can to whoever his opponent is and urge your friends to do the same. Start saving now so you can make a large contribution.
  2. Join Extinction Rebellion or the Future Coalition. Support the global strike on September 20th, go to Extinction Rebellion’s events October 7th-14th and proudly share your actions on social media. Proudly declare that you are a part of this movement. Everyone can get involved — there are groups for kids, for families and for every type of action.
  3. Stop eating beef and drinking milk. I stopped. It’s really easy, and cows are an ecological catastrophe. If you stop eating all meats that is even better.
  4. Fly less. Though I still fly too much, I cut my air travel roughly in half this year and it was surprisingly easy. Video-conferencing works fine, and it is just nice to be home more.
  5. Drive less.
  6. If you invest or bank make sure your money is not used to invest in fossil fuels. Your bank is most likely using your deposits to invest in oil companies, coal companies and other things you don’t want them to invest in.
  7. As a consumer, do not buy products from these 100 companies which are responsible for 71 percent of global emissions.
  8. If you have a retirement, demand that your retirement plan divests from fossil fuels.
  9. Talk to your friends and others about the Climate Emergency. A large amount of research shows that this works! Make a commitment to talk about it and others will follow your lead.
  10. Donate to the Climate Emergency Fund which is working to support activist groups who have rejected a gradualist approach to climate change and are demanding action from government NOW.

There you have it, #10ThingsYouCanDoAboutClimateChange.

Hope this answers the question — and hope you will join the fight.

We desperately need you.

Trevor Neilson

Written by

Co-Founder and CEO, i(x) investments; Co-founder and Chairman, Climate Emergency Fund; Co-Founder, Global Philanthropy Group

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