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Dependency injection sounds like a very complex and terrifying topic. It sounds like the type of thing, that only Senior developers could ever do properly, and every Junior is doomed to sit quietly in conversations about it, quietly pretending to know what it is. The problem is only exacerbated in iOS development because the environment (read UIKit) actually discourages clean dependency injection principles (we’ll get to what this means and how to work around it). In reality dependency injection is incredibly simple. In reality, its the type of thing that anyone who has been coding the “wrong” way for any…

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I spent the better part of the last year of my life, teaching iOS development at a coding bootcamp. I’ve had the unique privilege of watching a heap full of developers, searching diligently for their first engineering job, subjecting themselves to endless mock interviews, and studying Cracking the Coding Interview with a meticulousness that would have outsiders believing it contained the secrets to eternal life.

And yet, the infamous technical interview has a way of crushing the most enthusiastic budding developers. Unless you stumbled into your development dream job through nepotism early on, you likely know the feeling of post-technical…

Trevor Adcock

I used to teach iOS development. Now that I develop full time, I miss teaching. Writing tutorials and advice about iOS development is my coping mechanism.

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