From Badges to BadgeChain: Part 1
Carla Casilli

Do you have an article about the necessity of blockchain for badges?

I’m also curious about badges in general. As I understand the concept someone is going to bundle some arbitrary learning set into a badge. They are then going to grant that badge upon completion.

It sounds like there are some mechanisms for providing descriptions of what the badge contained, but it seems as if providing evidence of learning is an open challenge.

So is it fair to say that the current concept of badges is focused on a way for an individual to grant a badge in a common format so as to record that badge on a common record?

While I like the idea of signaling learning in a common record. I would imagine that signaling real evidence of learning would be far more relevant that a badge grouping learning.

If badges are simply human grouping how do you translate that into determining the equivalency of various badges from different providers? It would appear that you would have to manually analyze a badge in order to then recommend another badge to that badge holder.

That seems like something of a losing proposition and that technology should first focus on what we can automate to reduce friction, and not focus on more opportunities for divergence and creation of friction.

Are these badges good, or bad? Worthwhile or not? Without being able to do analysis of the learning evidence with software how to do you determine that? It seems like more noise than signal.

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